Interim Expeditions

Living Ireland

While exploring Dublin, learn to navigate the city while competing in a scavenger hunt where your team’s knowledge of Irish writers, performers and history will be in your favor. Learn traditional Irish dancing and find writing inspiration hiking the scenic coast of Country Claire. Confront Ireland’s tumultuous past and debate modern topics on immigration and nationalism. 
Experience the beautiful Emerald Isle of Ireland through the lens of literature, music, and culture as we embark on a photojournalism tour of Dublin, Galway, and Shannon and immerse ourselves into one of the most historically significant countries in civilization.
While exploring Dublin, we will visit Trinity College and the oldest and most famous book, the Book of Kells, Christ Church Cathedral, and the EPIC museum, which is dedicated to the immigration of the Irish people. Learn to navigate the city while competing in a scavenger hunt where your teams' knowledge of Irish writers, performers, and historical icons will be in your favor. Move your body and feel the pulse of Irish music as you take dance lessons in the traditional art of Irish dancing. As we make our way across Ireland from Dublin to Galway, students will enjoy a traditional Irish sheepherding demonstration and tour a local farm where wool is processed. Find writing inspiration as we will hike along the scenic coast of County Clare and visit the Cliffs Moher, Ireland's unique and famous natural rock formations. In Galway, we will tour the city to experience and capture the soul of the city in its public street performers, the buskers. Along the way, we will read poems and short stories written by famous Irish writers to inspire us to capture the beauty of Ireland. You will be challenged to confront Ireland's tumultuous past and to debate modern-day topics on immigration and nationalism bringing the map of Ireland's historical significance into view for today's issues.
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