Interim Expeditions

Andros Island: Explorations in Tropical and Marine Science

Andros Island in the Bahamas has a 140-mile coral reef considered to be the most diverse and pristine reef in the world. From the base at Forfar Field Station, a research facility, learn about marine biology and ecology through land and water excursions. Snorkel in a cay, blue hole or patch reef, and explore the geographic wonders of the island.
Andros is a largely undeveloped subtropical island with five distinct vegetation zones. The island is known for its unique baskets, carvings, and batik fabrics. It has the world’s third-largest barrier reef (after Australia and Belize). The reef is over 140 miles (225 km) long, running the full length of the Island. It is considered by many to be the most diverse and pristine coral reef in the world. Forfar Field Station is a research facility located in North Blanket Sound, Andros Island. From this base, students experience the cultural and geographical wonders of Andros Island. A typical day starts with breakfast at 8:00. Students will pack bag lunches and depart at 9:00 to learn about marine biology and ecology on and around the island. Days are organized into either land or water trips. Water trips involve taking a boat to a snorkeling site such as a cay, blue hole, or patch reef. Land trips involve taking a bus to a nearby community or inland blue hole. Dinner is served at 6:00, and there will be a talk or activity each evening after dinner.
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