Interim Expeditions

Flavor and Savor

Foodies unite in this exploration of cooking and cuisine. Develop cooking skills, gain an appreciation for slow food, practice eating mindfully and learn the impact of food choices on the environment. Visit local restaurants, a farm, a spice store and a cooking school, then put your new skills to the test in a cooking challenge judged by local foodies.
Do you consider yourself a foodie? Do you live to eat as much as you eat to live? If you're interested in really good food and the role it plays in our health, culture, and community, this holistically-minded Interim is for you! On the Flavor and Savor Interim, you will have many opportunities to develop your cooking skills, appreciation for slow food, and awareness of the impact of our food choices on our health and the environment. While learning cooking techniques and ways to prepare balanced and nourishing (and tasty!) meals, you will also practice eating mindfully, research different types of diets, and discover ways to reduce food waste. You will also get to experience and become better acquainted with Colorado's unique cuisine and its regional influences. A rental house in Old Colorado City will serve as our test kitchen and culinary home-base for day trips along the Colorado Front Range to visit local restaurants, a farm, a spice store, and a cooking school. To top off the week, you will put your newly acquired skills and expanded palates to the test in a “fight for flavor” cooking challenge judged by local foodies.
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