Interim Expeditions

Alaska, the Unknown Frontier

Hike a glacier, mingle with Alaska wildlife and learn about the enduring lifestyle of the Alaska Native population. Explore the links between sustainable living, environmental preservation and animal conservation. Tailgate on top of a frozen lake as you watch the start of the famous Iditarod sled dog race.
On our adventure to the 49th state we will learn about the diversity of Anchorage, hike a glacier, and mingle with Alaska’s wildlife--from a distance. The focus of this trip is to bring awareness to Alaska’s multifarious inhabitants, and explore the link between the values of sustainable living, environmental preservation, and animal conservation. We will seek to confront and challenge our misconceptions of “natives”, “Alakans”, and “surviving” in a cold place. By visiting interactive museums, we will learn more about the distinctive and enduring lifestyles of the Alaska Native population and the history of Alaska's statehood. We will also physically challenge ourselves in a way that may seem mundane to many Alaskans, as we explore Alaska’s backyard by hiking local trails, sludging along the top of Matanuska Glacier, and watching the start of Alaska's great race--The Iditarod--by tailgating on top of a frozen lake. We will explore the Kenai peninsula and observe Alaska’s vast and epic landscape on long drives visiting Alaska's Wildlife Conservation Center, and will snuggle along side manatees as we spend the night at the Sea Life Center. This trip is for the inquisitive learner who seeks to understand others’ lifestyles by immersing oneself in another’s snowy footprints. It also helps if you are an adventurous eater, as one highlight of the trip will be eating “reindeer dogs” downtown in Anchorage while looking at Denali in the distance.
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