Interim Expeditions

Winter in the High Country

Home base is the Keystone Science School where you spend days in the field learning forest ecology, digging snow pits to study the snowpack, discussing avalanche science, and delving into alpine weather and climate. Navigate the snowy landscape on cross-country skis and wind up the trip at the Mountain Campus.
This Interim begins at the doorstep of Colorado's iconic Rocky Mountains, at the Keystone Science School. From this home base, students will spend days in the field learning and completing studies on forest ecology, digging snow pits to reveal layers of the snowpack, discussing avalanche safety and avalanche science, and diving into alpine weather and climate. Students will learn to navigate the snowy landscape via cross country skis and enjoy living dorm-style at the Keystone Science School campus. After departing KSS, students will shift their base southward to the FVS Mountain Campus, where they will continue their studies and explorations in the Leadville area. Leadville is home to the nation's second oldest National Fish Hatchery (established in 1889); yet, the region is famous for its past and present history of extensive mineral extraction and consequent environmental destruction. This contradictory history will serve as the final point of inquiry for this Interim.
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