Interim Expeditions

Westward Bound: Life on the Front Range

Take a close look at those who live off the land by exploring ranches and farms, and take a step back to examine long-ago pioneers of the Gold Rush era. Get your hands dirty riding horses, working with livestock, and learning to weld. Gain insight into the historical context and modern-day application of working with the land.
In 1858 pioneers moved West into Colorado driven by the Gold Rush and adventure. In this Interim, we take a close look at those who "live off the land" exploring both the modern-day Ranchers and Farmers of the region as well taking a step back to examine the long-ago pioneers of the Gold Rush era. We will seek to make connections between yesterday and today, as well begin to imagine the future of agriculture in the region with an emphasis on agriculture and sustainability. Students should expect to spend a lot of time getting their hands dirty: they will ride horses, work with livestock, learn about the day-to-day of running a ranch, experience welding and leather work, go in depth with water testing and irrigation, as well spend time participating in historical places and activities. We will take a hands-on approach which will allow us to understand and appreciate both the historical context and modern day application, as well as learn about skills and lifestyles that are often far away from our technological world.
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