Interim Expeditions

Canoeing Utah’s Labyrinth Canyon

Paddle on the Green River through sheer, colorful sandstone walls hundreds of feet high. Explore the unique desert ecosystem and hike to ancient Anasazi petroglyphs. Learn about the geology and natural and human history in this timeless landscape.
“We have an unknown distance yet to run, an unknown river to explore." - John Wesley Powell

We will retrace Major John Wesley Powell’s epic 1869 path into the annals of history, following one of the great rivers of the West - the Green River. This twisting ribbon of blue winds its way between sheer colorful sandstone walls, thousands of feet high. You’ll marvel at Labyrinth, Horseshoe and Trin-Alcove Canyons and Bow Knot Bend. You will be sleeping under the stars each night and embracing the solitude and peace of this deep canyon. Away from all the distractions of our everyday world you will absorb the peace and pace of the Green River and explore this unique desert ecosystem. We will be on the water paddling each day, and make numerous stops to hike and explore side canyons, as well as some of the ancient Anasazi pictographs and petroglyphs. We will all work together and have fun exploring the geology, and the natural and human history of this amazing and timeless landscape. We will paddle about 50 miles of the Green River, so prepare to be awed, physically active, and ready to share an amazing adventure.
This trip is intended for students in good physical condition and willing to be self-reliant in a wilderness setting. No prior boating or camping experience is necessary, but you must be ready to “rough it” in nature, away from showers, roofs, and iPhones for the week. You should be able to physically perform all activities associated with boating including, but not limited to, paddling, entering and exiting the boat under your own power, and carrying your personal gear to the campsite. In addition to learning how to safely navigate a canoe down a moving and winding river, you will learn multi-day meal planning, how to cook outdoors, and the finer points of tent camping and taking care of yourself in the wilderness.
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