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The safety, security and well-being of the Fountain Valley community is an utmost priority.

The School works closely with local and national advisory organizations to determine best practices for ensuring the safety of students, faculty, staff and facilities. Safety and security procedures include:

  • The REACH Boarding School System: Used for tracking students, making it easy to know who is where and when they are returning to their assigned dormitory. In addition, parents use REACH to request and approve leave events and manage their student's permissions.
  • Boards: Students' activity on weekends is managed and supervised through a series of face-to-face check-ins and careful tracking of any off-campus excursions.
  • VisitorAware: Designed with utmost safety in mind, this system ensures that all visitors are properly vetted before accessing the FVS campus via a self check-in or assisted check-in process. All visitors must be prepared to present a valid form of identification and to respond to a series of questions regarding their identity.

FVS Safety & Security By The Numbers


of campus open space gated and monitored.


throughout the year, the FVS security team conducts campus-wide drills.



on-call medical coverage available via certified professionals.



video surveillance and campus patrol, including facilities and residences.


senior administrator on duty 24 hours a day for fast response to emergencies and more.


average response time by local law enforcement and emergency service agencies, all familiar with the School and its property.

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