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As opposed to encountering the traditional high school model wherein hundreds of students share one guidance counselor, students at FVS are assigned a faculty advisor to whom they can turn for assistance with choosing their courses, tackling a difficult subject, managing their schedule, or navigating other facets of school life.

Faculty advisors serve as trusted adults who advocate for their students–whether in communication with parents, faculty, college admission counselors, or others–from the time they enroll at FVS through to the finish line that is graduation. The connection between a student and their advisor is long-lasting, as alumni frequently keep in contact well into their adult lives.

Advisory groups consisting of approximately six students apiece create a safe space once weekly for individuals to express themselves, discuss their experiences with learning, and receive support specific to their needs. Groups are kept purposely small and include a cross-section of students representing various grade levels as well as diverse interests to help individuals expand their social circle and discover new passions.

Dave Reynolds interacts with one of his advisees in the Chapel.

My advisor is someone I know I can always come to for any reason. Whether it's my academics, social life, or just a quick chat about anything, he's always there.

Advisor Sam Harrison helps an advisee tie his tie.