Student Life


Your Adviser — Someone To Guide and Support You

Your faculty adviser will help you choose courses, manage your schedule, and be there to support you through every facet of school life. They are your closest adult ally and advocate from the time you arrive on campus until you graduate, always available to listen, guide you and lend a hand. Your connection with your adviser is one of the many lasting relationships you’ll make at Fountain Valley and our alumni frequently remain connected to their advisers well into their adult lives.

You'll meet with your adviser and advisee group once a week. Groups are small and include a cross-section of students from different grades with various interests. You’ll expand your circle of friends as you meet to discuss topics, check in with each other, and perhaps play board games and eat treats! Advisee groups give students the opportunity to go beyond their natural social networks and learn from each other as they support each other.

Your parents receive regular communications from your adviser, houseparent, teachers and other members of the community. Parents are encouraged to call to just touch base or if there are any concerns.
My adviser is someone I know I can always come to for any reason. Whether it's my academics, social life, or just a quick chat about anything, he's always there.
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