Equestrian Program Events

This is a sampling of the FVS Equestrian program's events and competitions the riding programs attend each year, with their locations. Twice a year, the programs also have riding demonstrations during Family Weekend.

English Riding at FVS

Interscholastic Equestrian Association Shows
  • Fountain Valley School
  • Just a Little Farm
  • M&M Ranch
  • Cottonwood Riding Club
  • Shiloh Ranch
  • U.S. Polo Association Clinic
  • Rita Tempinaro
  • Nick Karazissis
  • Joanne Waring
A-Rated Shows
  • HITS Tucson
  • Colorado Horse Park
  • Langer Spring Series at Norris Penrose
CHJA Shows
  • Equitation Finals
  • High Prairie
Schooling Shows
  • Fountain Valley School
  • M&M Ranch

Western Riding at FVS

The Western program focuses on training and horsemanship throughout the year, but still participates in events.

Trail Rides

Pack Trips

6155 Fountain Valley School Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80911