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Fountain Valley School aims to cultivate change-seekers who embrace the world around them and take action in their local communities and beyond. 

The Global Education Program at Fountain Valley promotes learning through college-level scholarship into global interconnectivity and the impact one has on the world. The School’s thoughtfully designed curriculum consists of international experiences that enable students to embrace a global mindset. In addition to offering more than 50 courses and electives with a global foundation, FVS provides ample opportunities each academic year for students to attend events on and off campus at local universities and venues throughout Colorado Springs and Denver.

Students make their way down the river in Utah.

Interim Expeditions

In March, students embark on a one-of-a-kind 10-day experience with faculty and their peers. Each culturally immersive experience, planned by FVS faculty and staff, allows students to select from a diverse list of excursions domestically or abroad. FVS’s Interim Expeditions often include a homestay component or community engagement project, as all aim to introduce individuals to new cultures and customs beyond the campus walls. 

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Students pose for a picture amid ancient ruins.

Round Square Exchange

A proud member of Round Square’s international network of approximately 230 schools, FVS offers exciting exchange opportunities in collaboration with partners from more than 50 countries, ranging from South Africa and Australia to Colombia and Peru. The Round Square Exchange Program also enables FVS to welcome students from around the globe, who enrich the School’s international program and strengthen peer-to-peer connections.

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One Global Scholar Diploma student presents her project.

Global Scholar /STEM Diploma

FVS’s Global Scholar / STEM Diploma program enriches students’ knowledge and understanding of a specific global or STEM-related topic or issue for which they hold a deep passion or interest. Students who earn a Global Scholar / STEM Diploma through primary research and deep investigation gain the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a secondary degree in the international or STEM arena. Each Diploma program culminates in a Capstone project during a student’s senior year.

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A student proudly walks at Graduation.

Int'l Student Program

Each year, the FVS community proudly welcomes international students from more than 20 countries to its boarding program. The international student support program along with English Language Learner (ELL) courses provide the language skills students need to not only thrive academically but also become fully immersed and integrated into Fountain Valley’s diverse student community.

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International flags hanging from balcony.