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The FVS Journey

From freshman through senior year, Fountain Valley students experience noticeable growth and a reinvigorated love of learning as active participants in grade-specific, defining programs built around the Western landscape and way of life.

Together, we are framing a skills-based curriculum that recognizes what is unique and best about Fountain Valley School, takes full advantage of our resources and talents, and inspires a new generation to address the challenges of the world they will inherit. Through this unique program, students will acquire the advanced skills required to expertly address the needs of the future, whether that be the environment, the challenges faced in a global society, the leadership skills to make a difference, or the independence, creativity, and initiative to succeed.

– Megan Harlan, Head of School

Drawings and descriptions of various birds


Embracing FVS’s expansive 1,100-acre campus, the possibilities for experiential learning and growth are as vast as the land on which we’re located. Nestled at the foothills of America’s mountain, Pikes Peak, FVS offers limitless opportunities for adventure, and this environmental setting undoubtedly differentiates the School from its peers. 



Students laying on the grass in a circle formation


Fountain Valley offers a tight-knit community grounded in Western values, wherein unique differences are understood and celebrated, and individuals can come together. After gaining an understanding of their self and those around them, students are then tasked with looking outward. 


I have better identified who I want to be and what I can do to get there. I am embracing FVS's core values and have begun to develop my own themes such as Achievement, Legacy, and Community.

Students and Staff greet parents at registration weekend


The 11th-grade year focuses on leadership as students embrace this transformational time in their adolescence–a time when they begin to think of themselves beyond high school, complete some of the more traditional courses required for college admission, and consider how they’d like to apply their education toward making a difference in their future communities. Whether looking to attend a top-ranked school or a college that holds significance in another way, students and their families receive ample resources and guidance for navigating the college admissions landscape with confidence and poise. 



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The Global Scholar / STEM Diploma* or Capstone Project provides the unique opportunity for students to dive deep into a topic that drives them and design a research project based on their interests and discoveries. Whether conducting research on campus, taking part in an internship, or shadowing a mentor during off-campus experiences, students work side-by-side with real-world experts to gain professional know-how and narrow their career interests. No matter the topic, participating in self-directed learning serves our seniors well in college and in life.