School Life

Service Learning

Leadership permeates every aspect of community life at Fountain Valley, and the School offers myriad opportunity for students to explore their potential. All FVS students participate in community service on a class-by-class basis, mostly on projects of their choosing that they find meaningful. By the time they graduate, FVS students have expanded their knowledge of the world at large and discovered that giving back is a gift in itself.
  • Freshmen: Chapter One course: Introduction to Community Service/Philanthropy
  • Sophomores: On-campus community impact projects
  • Juniors: Off-campus community impact projects
  • Seniors: Senior Seminar off-campus community impact project
Senior Seminar
Since 1989, the senior class has ended its time at Fountain Valley School working together on a project designed to promote ecological awareness and to make a lasting contribution to the School and/or the larger community. Visit the Senior Seminar page.

Off-campus Service Learning Project Examples
  • Creating biodiesel fuel out of kitchen oil
  • Prepare organic soil for planting at local Venetucci Farm
  • Judge local science fairs
  • Writing children's books for local elementary schools
  • Working at the local soup kitchen prepping and serving food
  • Adopting needy families for the holidays
On-campus Service Learning Project Examples
  • Write thank-you notes to alumni who have donated their time and money to the School
  • Building a new sand volleyball court for the community
  • Activating the solar panels on the Perry dorms
  • Removing invasive Russian Olive trees from the FVS prairie
  • Clearing the FVS prairie for running trails
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