School Life

Community Code

In 2012, the FVS Community Council and dean of students, under the leadership of Community Council President Hannah Carrese ’12 and Vice President Ryan Harrison ’12 drafted the Community Code, which emphasizes personal responsibility and serves to guide and strengthen the FVS community.
Community Code
Every member of the Fountain Valley School community aims to develop and demonstrate excellent character: the traits and core values that come to shape our daily actions. Our character growth is a choice directly related to the decisions we make every day and is supported by the mutual respect evident in the community.
We recognize Moral Character, Attitude and Performance Character as the hallmarks of life at FVS and the daily reflection of our core values:
Moral Character
To be honest and respectful as we follow the code of conduct exemplified in the FVS Mission Statement
To engage in school life and its improvement
Performance Character
To strive for personal excellence as citizens of the community
Any person who knows of violations of the Community Code or major school rules is honor bound to respond. The strength and success of our community is dependent on our desire to MAP our future as students, faculty and staff at the School.
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