School Life

Chapter One

On Sept. 25, 1930, Fountain Valley School’s Founding Headmaster Francis M. Froelicher greeted 57 boys in the Hacienda for dinner; these students were the first-ever students at this new boarding school in America’s “wild west.” After that opening-of-school dinner, Froelicher uttered the phrase that he is most famous for saying at FVS: “He told the boys that each of them was ‘in a position to write his own history.’”

This freshman orientation course—Chapter One—is named with Froelicher’s comment in mind. This class is the first chapter in students' FVS history. The tasks above are just a few that freshmen are encouraged to accomplish during their first year at Fountain Valley School in order to began the chapter.

Chapter One is built around the School’s core values–courage, curiosity, self-reliance, compassion and open-mindedness–giving freshmen a solid foundation for high school success while familiarizing them with FVS culture and the principles upon which the School was founded. Students identify and discuss their personal strengths, challenges and concerns as they see themselves working and living in this unique learning community. After self-assessing and accepting a growth mindset for their lives at FVS, students will then look “outward” towards developing empathy for others.

Chapter One is part of the entire freshman experience at FVS, which includes Freshman Interim and Freshman Arts.
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