School Life


Mr. Waldbaum's advisee group and Nallah Mrs. Doyon's advisees meet the newest and youngest member of their group. Advisee dinner party

All Fountain Valley School students have a faculty adviser who helps nurture them in all aspects of their school lives.

Advisee groups consist of 4-8 students and include gender, grade and nationality diversity. The adviser-advisee partnership often becomes one of the most meaningful relationships during a student’s time at Fountain Valley. Advisers support, guide and celebrate accomplishments throughout the school year.

Close friendships are built around advisee groups, and usually advisees stay with their group during their entire FVS career. An adviser is someone students can turn to when they need guidance or support, or just want to celebrate an “A” on their last calculus test! In general, advisers are the primary point of contact between the student, family and FVS. Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s adviser should concerns and questions arise over the course of the school year.

Advising groups meet once every six academic days to plan group bonding activities, define and work toward student-driven goals such as college, discuss community topics or issues, or have one-on-one meetings. Students and their advisers sit together at All-Schools and formal dinners, and often head off campus for lunch and other activities.
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