Senior Capstone

What happens when you focus student passions and interests through the lens of experiential education and engage real-world experts as mentors? We call it Senior Capstone. 
All seniors participate in our Senior Capstone course during their second semester. This is an exciting opportunity to choose a subject that interests you and take it to the next level. If you’ve pursuing a Global Scholar Diploma, this will be your Capstone experience and your work will begin junior year. Other students will engage in ideation during the first semester of senior year and define a project that they will complete during the second semester.

You may choose to take a deep dive into an area of interest or a passion through research on campus, or branch out and or branch out and create something with your hands. At the end of the course, you’ll share what you’ve learned through a culminating public presentation and in turn, learn from your peers when they present. No matter what you choose, the ability to direct your own learning and share the results will serve you well in college and in life.

Interests Include...

One student chose to pursue their passion for land management and sustainability by working side by side with the FVS ranch manager. Another worked at a nearby raptor center and sanctuary to learn about the valuable role these birds of prey play in our ecosystem. One aspiring chef worked in the FVS kitchen each day learning not only how to prepare and serve mouthwatering food, but also the important back of house knowledge that goes into running a successful food service. Other students have explored a fascinating array of subjects including rocket technology, outdoor climbing certification, flight training, food rescue, graphic design, veterinary medicine, architecture/3D design, writing a novel, woodworking, video game design, printmaking, baking, music production and robotics, to name just a few.
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