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You can distinguish yourself by earning a Global Scholar Diploma and diving deep into a specific global issue about which you are passionate.  Through a curriculum and set of experiences that include travel and community service, you will gain a rich understanding of your global topic by conducting primary research and deep investigation. Students who earn a Global Scholar Diploma have gained the knowledge, skills and ability to grasp the nature of global interdependence and pursue an education in the international arena.

Past Global Scholar Diploma Topics

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  • Economic Inequality and Education: The Consolidation of the American Dream

    Throughout this project, I hoped to synthesize and explain the many factors of economic inequality within the U.S. and the possible solutions. The main challenge I faced was concisely presenting all the information and including only the crucial points so that someone entirely new to the topic can gain a thorough understanding while not becoming confused. 
  • Hong Kong’s Role in China as a Rising Power: What Does This Mean for the West?

    Make a prediction about how China’s relationship with the U.S. and other Western countries will change as China transitions into a powerful core country using Hong Kong as a lens through which to assess China’s growing economic status. 
  • A “Good” Deal: The Fashion Industry’s Effects on People and the Environment

    My goal in this project is to examine how the fashion industry impacts the environment and people all over the world. Through a case study of H&M and brands of URBN, I aim to better understand the relationship between modern fashion trends and treatment of both the natural world and of the people manufacturing clothes. 
  • Abolished and Thriving: Modern Slavery in the International Food Industry

    The objective of this project is to increase awareness and knowledge of modern day slavery. Throughout the course of my research, my topic further focused on modern slavery through the lens of the Ivory Coast’s cocoa industry and Thailand’s fishing industry. My paper addresses both the human and economic aspects of modern slavery as these themes were important to fully understand the impact of this continued practice in the world. 
  • Meat Mania: The Environmental and Health Effects of the Emerging Western Diet in India

    The purpose of this paper was to inform people of the consequences associated with diet. To accomplish this, I examined the health, cultural, and environmental impacts of the increasing demand for beef in India. Unfortunately, because animal agriculture is a hot topic currently, finding objective sources that discussed the meat industry was a challenge. 
  • Relighting the Flame: The Sustainability of the Olympic Games through the Lens of London and Athens

    This paper dives into the nitty-gritty behind the scenes of the Olympics. It explores the major cost to countries when hosting a games, how countries hope to make the money back through tourism, and the overall sustainability of Olympic legacy in host countries. 
  • Free Lands: The Fleeting Importance of America’s Best Idea

    The goal of this paper was to examine the economic and cultural importance of national parks and other public lands in Costa Rica and the United States, and to examine their similarities and differences. These were then analyzed to determine the best course of action in terms of sustainable development for public land in the two countries. 
  • Confucianism as Culture: Ideological Influence on the Political Relationship between China and Japan

    In this project, I concentrated on the political relationship between the two neighboring Asian countries, China and Japan, and the influences Confucian ideologies had on tying these nations together. During my research, I switched my focus from Buddhism to Confucianism because I realized that the latter became deep-rooted in the cultural identity of both actors that still have relativity now. The hope was through understanding this similarity, that I might provide solutions for how these two nations could develop a stronger alliance in the future. 
  • The Forgotten Patients: South Africa’s Healthcare Reform for Equality

    Over the course of my research, I was attempting to shed light on the challenges facing healthcare reform in South Africa as a means to address racial and economic inequalities through reform of the National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme. One of the largest challenges was trying to interview doctors from South Africa due to the significant time difference. 

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