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  • Wednesday, April 18: Earth Day, buses leave campus at 4 p.m.
  • Friday, April 22: Prom
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Deans' Office Contacts
Rafael Muciño, Dean of Academics:, (719) 391-5248
Deb Prantl, Director of Studies:, (719) 391-5343
Jake Emery, Dean of Faculty:, (719) 391-5223
John Kelley, Dean of Students: (719) 391-5233
Dave Racine, Assistant Dean of Students:, (719) 391-5398
Dawn Baldwin, Deans' Office Administrative Assistant; (719) 391-5213

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

  • College Athletic Signing Ceremony

    Location: Sala
  • JV Girls Tennis

    JV Girls Tennis vs Rampart HS
  • Varsity Girls Tennis

    Location: Rampart HS
    Varsity Girls Tennis vs Rampart HS
  • Varsity Boys Lacrosse

    Location: Grace Center
    Varsity Boys Lacrosse vs St. Mary's HS


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  • Kathleen "Kate" Maiurro 

    Deputy Director of Advancement
    (719) 391-5315
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  • Laura "Laura" Fawcett 

    Director of Digital Communications
    (719) 391-5258
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