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Cynthia Robinson and Lisa Smith are taking the FVS Instrumental Program to new heights. Robinson dedicates her time to the strings while Smith works with the wind and small ensembles. Both participate annually in the formal fall and spring concerts, and Winter Celebration, but they also play at other events throughout the year. The concert band also plays at pep rallies and athletic events.

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  • Chamber Strings

    The focus of this course is the enjoyment of chamber music for stringed instruments, specifically violin, viola, cello and bass ensemble music, with an emphasis on intonation, bowing techniques and ensemble playing. Improving the skill level for the individual player as well as the group is emphasized. The FVS Chamber Strings is open to all students with a minimum of one year of study or by audition. Students who own their instruments are asked to provide them for this class; the School may provide some instruments, or students may rent from local music stores. Public performance is required. Prerequisite: Two-year minimum playing experience in a school orchestra or one year of private lesson.
  • Guitar Ensemble

    Students in Guitar Ensemble will have an ensemble experience that is equivalent to performing in band or choir. Guitar Ensembles class encourages any student interested in improving his/her musical abilities to get involved. Guitar Ensemble does not require any past experience with guitar or music. Musicians of all levels are welcome and will be challenged individually and as a performing ensemble.
  • Music Theory I

    Music Theory I examines the various elements of music, to include melody, harmony, rhythm, texture, form, and the ways in which these individual elements combine and interact to create a piece of music. This course is an introductory course in the fundamentals of music.
  • Private Instrumental Music

    Students are encouraged and able to develop their musicianship with private music instruction. Music credit is awarded in conjunction with participation in public performances.
  • Small Ensembles

    Small Ensembles explore music through the study and performance of challenging appropriate ensemble literature. Members of the ensemble participate in jazz combos, pit orchestra, and other combinations of smaller ensembles
  • Wind Ensemble

    The Wind Ensemble studies and performs a diverse and varied repertoire of music written specifically for wind instruments.


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  • Mario Flores 

    Brown University - B.A.
    Columbia University Teachers College - M.A.
    Northwestern University - Fellowship Degree
  • Cynthia Robinson 

    University of Denver - B.S.B.A.
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6155 Fountain Valley School Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80911