Filmmaking has been a passion of FVS faculty and students for decades. The School sponsors the Dominique Dunne Film Competition, one of a few film competitions dedicated to showcasing the work of high school filmmakers. Students have hands on opportunities to produce their own films utilizing the School's digital media studio. Films created at FVS have gone on to win accolades, including Emma Needell '08's "Students Make the Difference," which was inluded in the 2009 Colorado Environmental Film Festival. Needell's Johns Hopkins' thesis film, "Ruintown," was selected by the 2012 Palm Beach International Film Festival.


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  • Introduction to Digital Studio

    A brief history of film is introduced with the purpose of detailing the birth of the cinema and the rise of the film star, the director and the studio. The course trains the student to see film as the director sees film—through the eye of the camera. Students are taught the effect on a viewer by the type of shot that is used and how the camera is moved to engage a viewer emotionally. Students will learn to storyboard an idea and use a digital camera. Shots are then edited with iMovie.
  • Advanced Digital Studio

    In the first section of this advanced level course, the student is presented with a clearer understanding of the role of the director. The intent is to clarify for the student the term “directorial intent” and how to go about communicating it to cast and crew. The student is introduced to the elements of storytelling according to Aristotle and how this applies to directing for film.

    The student is instructed on how to begin to analyze film in terms of three acts and how to pitch their story ideas in this three-act format. The student studies the short film in great detail by watching several Academy Award nominated live action and animated short films. They also study art house films, music videos, concert films and performance art. The student learns to distinguish more keenly what engages him/her in order to fine tune his own artistic pursuits. The student is given several tools for the creation of story ideas and story treatments. They learn the art of storyboarding their films to have an outline of their shot sequences. They are introduced to the different avenues that they can pursue to get their “foot in the door” in the film industry. 
    In the second section, we move into the digital lab where they begin work on a music video and a short film.


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