Under the direction of longtime FVS arts faculty and Arts Department Chair Mark Dillon, the Fountain Valley School ceramics program continues to produce award-winning pieces by students. Many students have found their passion under the tutelage of Dillon, himself a professional ceramicist, and have continued making pottery for their amateur and professional careers.

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  • Studio Ceramics

    The studio ceramics course is designed to help the beginning student become more aware of the potential of clay as a vehicle for self expression. Students create forms that may serve practical needs, yet have the mark of vitality and individuality. The study of ceramics takes the form of extended practice during which skills are gradually developed and confidence builds. Lectures and demonstrations focus on forming techniques in hand building, wheel throwing, glazing and firing. The course is not a set curriculum but conforms to meet the changing needs of each student.
  • Advanced Ceramics

    Advanced Ceramics is for students who desire a more intensive and independent opportunity to explore utilitarian or sculptural ceramics utilizing handbuilding and wheel-throwing processes of the student’s choosing. Forming techniques, including casting and large scale sculpture techniques, are introduced and students are encouraged to become involved in the multitude of glazing and firing processes utilized within the ceramics program.
  • AP Studio Art: 3D

    AP Studio Art: 3D, usually part of a two-year sequence, is designed for students who are seriously interested in the practical experience of art, and ceramics is one of the options students can pursue. Students submit an extensive portfolio of work for evaluation. Expectations for the quality of work are set at the college level, and students are admitted to this course through a demonstration of superior effort and achievement, self-motivation and previous art experience. The portfolio will consist of approximately 30 works of art that excel in concept, composition and execution. Students enrolled in an AP course are required to take the corresponding AP exam in May.


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  • Addison Green 

    Washington University, St. Louis - B.S.
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  • Curtis Singmaster 

    University of Denver - B.F.A.
    Rhode Island School of Design - M.F.A.
    Brown University - Collegiate Teaching Certificate
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