Student Publications

The Owl Yearbook

The Owl is an annual publication capturing the activities of the year. A student committee works with faculty adviser Blake Pelton on the creative concept, layout, photos and management of the publication. Every senior designs a page for inclusion. The yearbook is intended to promote school and class spirit and to stand as a record of the school community for each year. 

2016-17 Owl Staff
Andrea Golden-Lasher '17 (editor)
Eddy E '17
Bea Mellsop '20
Ryan Stedman '20
Victoria Ticha '17
Riko Yoshida '19

The Athenaea

This award-winning student magazine of arts and letters is published twice a year and contains student poetry, stories, photos and drawings. Dave Reynolds is the faculty sponsor.

Fall 2016 Editors
Courtney Wheeler '17
Sage Reynolds '18

Fall 2016 Staff
Ashby Baker '19, Clara Barnstone '18, Lloyd Chinn '18, Will Edelson '18, Grace Everitt '19, Annika Furman '17, Ani Love '18, Skye McCurdy '18, Sosie Nixon '18, Kathryn Potts '19, Sophie Potts '19, Sage Reynolds '18, Elinor Sisk '18

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