From the President

I am thrilled, proud and humbled to be board president of the School that means so much to so many.

FVS changed the trajectory of my life. It opened my eyes to the world around me and to what was “in” me. Other than my parents, Fountain Valley was the most significant influencer of who I am and what I have become.

I have great confidence in Fountain Valley and its leadership. It is my privilege to work closely with Head of School Will Webb and guide his partnership with the board to make FVS an even better place where young leaders of tomorrow thrive and grow.

FVS today is a strong school that fulfills its mission. Fountain Valley taught me, as it continues to teach our students, how to read critically, to write clearly, to be analytical, to think independently and to communicate clearly. These are life skills that are critical to success, no matter how you define success.

Yet, Fountain Valley never rests and strives to advance.


Yours truly,
Henry P. Morse ’69
President, Board of Trustees

List of 25 items.

  • Henry P. Morse Jr. '69

    Lake Oswego, Oregon
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  • Gregg Thatcher '84 P '17

    Vice President and President-Elect starting July 1, 2018
    Colorado Springs, Colorado
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  • Link Nicoll '79

    Alexandria, Virginia
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  • Katrina Presti P '13, '15

    Pueblo, Colorado
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  • Jolene Lane '79

    Brownstown, Michigan
  • Gavin Blunt P '05, '09

    Northfield, Illinois
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  • Barry Brown '69

    Plano, Texas
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  • Sarah Cannady P '18

    Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Dean Dowson '91 P '17

    Denver, Colo.
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  • Janet Dulin '77, P '11

    Edwards, Colorado
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  • Kelly Eustace P '14, '18

    Colorado Springs, Colorado
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  • Walter Harrison

    Hartford, Connecticut
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  • Benjamin Howe '89

    Alumni Association President
    Ex Officio
    Staten Island, New York
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  • Emilie A. Hoyt '93

    Pasadena, Calif.
  • Juniper Hunter '93 P '15, '16

    Santa Fe, New Mexico
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  • Dawn L. Judd '82

    San Francisco, Calif.
  • Hope Kapsner P '17, '20

    Sweetwater, Colorado
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  • Kevin Rask P '16 '19

    Colorado Springs, Colorado
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  • Chris Sanchez '90

    Denver, Colorado
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  • James M. Scott '68, P '95, '99,'05

    Billings, Montana
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  • Theresa N. Sheh '88

    Belvedere Tiburon, Calif.
  • Liza Townsend P '20

    Kansas City, Mo.
  • Melinda Twomey P '14, '15

    Austin, Texas
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  • Kunxiao Wang P '20

    Yantai, China
  • William V. Webb

    Ex Officio
    Head of School
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Life Trustees

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  • James M. Scott '68, P '95, '99, '05

    Billings, Mont.
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  • Robert E. Henderson '44, P '72

    San Francisco, Calif.
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  • W. Jerome Frautschi '49

    Madison, Wisc.
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6155 Fountain Valley School Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80911