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Arts Faculty Chris Hutchinson's "Borderland" Exhibit Showing in the Art Barn

Jeanne Olive

The Borderland exhibit is a perspective of Hutchinson’s exploratory mission along the entire length of the U.S./Mexico border in June of 2018. He began in Brownsville, Texas and followed the southernmost routes to San Ysidro, Calif., where the barrier fence runs into the Pacific. Hutchinson’s goal was to seek a greater understanding of this much-discussed region of the U.S.

“The photographic series that arose from this journey seeks to explore the visual and social landscape of the borderlands through a variety of imaging formats,” he says. “The entirety of the project consists of roughly 70 images of border barrier, southern highways and border crossings as the divide cuts across a wide range of cultures, ecosystems and landscapes.”

Hutchinson’s work has been featured in a number of online and print publications including Der Greif, Aint­-Bad, Humble Arts Foundation, Noice Magazine, and Open Doors Gallery. He graduated from Bard College in 2011 and works in both digital and analog processes, with a particular interest in instant film and large formats.

Borderland will be exhibited until September 27, 2019.
6155 Fountain Valley School Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80911