Give To FVS

Why Give?


THE NEED: As an independent school, Fountain Valley relies almost exclusively on three sources of income:
  • Tuition
  • Annual Fund
  • Transfers from the School’s endowment
Fountain Valley School's Annual Fund is relatively young. To continue to prepare young people for success, the School has to remain competitive in many areas. The Annual Fund is the only source of flexible and readily available funding for FVS and is used to cover costs incurred during the school year in which it was given.

YOUR EDUCATION: Funds extend to virtually every aspect of daily campus life. Annual Fund dollars directly benefit everything from financial aid, faculty retention, educational tools, athletic supplies, art supplies, animal care, technology and travel. These are just a few of the areas that benefit. The Annual Fund directly provides students with additional daily and long term opportunities.

YOUR COMMUNITY: The alumni community also benefits from Annual Fund dollars. The Annual Fund helps support Reunion Weekend, the Bulletin and the Alumni Office. It is the School, and the memories alumni formed here, that keep classmates connected. Because we are an intergenerational yet small and close knit community, Fountain Valley and your classmates still want to know how you’re doing as well as recognize your life’s milestones. The Annual Fund maintains both the main and Mountain Campus grounds and facilities, which remain open to you as your home away from home as valued alumni.

YOUR LEGACY: Tuition dollars are fixed, and endowment transfers must be planned far in advance. In an ever fluctuating economy, endowment transfers above the interest earned, leaves the school’s ability to operate in serious jeopardy. Participation counts! When the School seeks funding from outside sources, an important statistic the donor wants to know is if those who lived the experience, support it. Just as every dollar counts; every alumnus matters. A robust and thriving annual fund is the assurance that the school can continue to provide what has become the legacy of the Fountain Valley experience to future generations.
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