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What is endowment?
An endowment is an investment account. It is a group of assets invested by Fountain Valley School of Colorado to support the mission of the School in perpetuity.
These assets are invested and some or all of the interest income generated flows to the annual operating budget to support programs at Fountain Valley School of Colorado. An institution’s financial strength is largely dependent upon the size of its endowment.
How does FVS build endowment?
  • We build endowment with current gifts. Major donors may want to establish a fund that supports a particular area of the School, such as faculty, scholarship, program or plant maintenance.
  • We build endowment with planned giving. We ask Fountain Valley School of Colorado donors to consider making a gift to FVS in their estate planning.
  • We build endowment through careful spending. The school has a comprehensive spending policy with some variations that may be set by individual donors.
  • We build endowment by increased giving and by earning more from our investments than we spend. The Fountain Valley School Investment Committee carefully establishes investment objectives. Their goal is to preserve the principle value of gifts to endowment over the long-term.
  • We build endowment through good stewardship of gifts received.
What does the Fountain Valley School of Colorado endowment support?
At FVS, designated endowment funds support all areas of our school. Endowment funds support program and faculty, athletics and the arts, scholarship and maintenance, and the list goes on. Every aspect of Fountain Valley School life is touched by endowment gifts. If you are interested in learning more about endowments at Fountain Valley School of Colorado, contact Jesse Fortney, Director of Advancement, at (719) 391-5252 or

Types of Endowment

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  • Campus Maintenance

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  • Faculty Development/Continuing Education/Awards

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  • Faculty Support

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  • Operations

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  • Programs

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  • Scholarship and Financial Aid

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  • Student Recognition

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  • Teaching Chair

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