Lindsey Ratliff to Join Fountain Valley School as Director of Enrollment Management

Lindsey Ratliff will join Fountain Valley School (FVS) as Director of Enrollment Management this coming July after serving as Director of Admission at Kimball Union Academy (KUA), an independent secondary school in New Hampshire. Lindsey has worked in independent school and college admissions for more than two decades and is a graduate of Roanoke College and Dartmouth College, where she recently earned a Masters in Liberal Studies.

We are thrilled to have Lindsey join our leadership team. Her depth of experience in boarding school enrollment management distinguished her among an extremely well qualified group of individuals, as did her commitment to the partnerships between school, student, and parents that are at the heart of an FVS education. Lindsey brings a proven track record of increasing admissions yield and decreasing attrition through schoolwide partnerships and strategic marketing designed to cultivate new markets. I’m excited to work together with her to share the unique story of our school and connect with students who will thrive at FVS and make meaningful contributions to our community.”
—Will Webb, Head of School

Ratliff was selected from a large group of candidates identified in a nationwide search conducted by FVS in partnership with the Baker Group, an industry-leading enrollment management consulting firm.

Lindsey’s experience with independent schools dates back to her childhood, having grown up on the campuses of day and boarding schools throughout the United States. She is also an alumna of KUA, and has worked there since 2011 following time at The Ethel Walker School in Connecticut and The Masters School in New York where her work focused on international student recruitment.

“I knew from an early age that education was in my blood, and I’m fortunate to have experienced firsthand the transformative power of a boarding school environment such as FVS. I like to think that my career began when I volunteered my time as a tour guide while I was a student at KUA, and in the time since then, I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with every aspect of the admission process from organizing student files, to partnering with leadership to set and achieve strategic enrollment and financial goals. I never tire of telling my story to prospective families because the values, growth, independence, and lifelong friendships that are formed at independent schools are at the core of who I am.”
—Lindsey Ratliff, Incoming FVS Director of Enrollment Management

And in the time that Lindsey has worked in the boarding school admissions world, she’s had some crossover with FVS, which was part of her draw to make the move to Colorado and embrace the western lifestyle and mindset that are defining elements of the FVS experience. “I have traveled abroad with members of the Fountain Valley Admission Team and enjoyed the exchanges we've had as like-minded colleagues. Both schools value place-based and outdoor education, while providing a supportive, nurturing environment for academics, arts, and athletics as the driving tools for enrollment," notes Ratliff.

Ratliff will begin work at Fountain Valley School in early July after taking a circuitous and yet to be determined route to Colorado Springs through several national parks and other iconic Western destinations, which is emblematic of her and her family’s love for the outdoors and adventure. Lindsey and her husband, Jordan, have two daughters who are five and two years old.
FVS is a private, college-preparatory, co-ed, day and boarding school for grades 9-12 in Colorado Springs.
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