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I Dream a World: An FVS Community Poem

FVS Students, Faculty, & Staff Members
Over 40 students, faculty, and staff took pen to paper with the challenge of writing words sparked by the phrase, "I dream a World." This phrase comes from a poem by Langston Hughes — which subsequently inspired Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech. Some contributed one line and others sixteen. Submissions were then collectively edited, condensed, and carefully crafted by student editors Lisbet J. ’21, and Claire B. ’23 with guidance by Mr. Reynolds into this one, unique poem.

I dream a world where all people feel safe and loved
and live a life full of compassion.

I dream of a world of no judgement,
where people accept each other for who they are.

Where every child feels safe, every child has clothing,
warmth, food, and shelter.
A world of acceptance, where ignorance fades into the darkness of night;
a world of acceptance, where tolerance has no ending and no beginning.

I dream a world of patience as I grow older,
the acceptance I must seek grows within me
I dream a world where dreamers thrive;
a world where all people lead and act with kindness.

Where I can breathe air without smoke
Where I can think without being told to slow down
Where I can speak without my mouth being covered
Where happiness is a right not a privilege
Where I can see fireflies in the night

I dream a world where I get into a good college
where feminine products are free
the electoral college does not exist
the color pink and blue don't have genders
and money does grow on trees.

I dream a world where political discourse is peaceful and respectful.
I dream a world
I dream a
I dream

Dream a world where everyone feels appreciated
and enough, in their own body, in their own skin,
in their own community,
in the validity of their words and dreams.

I dream a world where you sell your sarcasm to buy bewilderment.
Where our oceans aren't filled with plastic,
our trees are not cut down,
and our icebergs aren't melting.

the ice cream machine works
men paint their nails
and women feel safe.

Where the birds sing their secrets
and the mountains whisper promises of hope;
with oceans filled with nothing but blue
and forests grown up to the skies
I dream a world
overflowing with kindness
where beauty never dies

I dream
I dream a world
where tests don't determine someone's abilities
where every child has access to education
where -isms and phobias aren’t so casual

I dream a world
dancing through the night
sometimes I can catch it
some days it floats on by

A world of passion and creativity
where Covid is part of history
A world where people value love and their time on earth
more than money or status.

I dream of a world where the only
criticism is for conformity.
I dream a world where my passions aren't stigmatized

I dream a world where truth spreads and wildfires are contained
where no one stares at me and my girlfriend in the supermarket
where school is fun and everyone gets recess
where therapy is cool and lemonade is always made with real lemons

I dream
I dream a
I dream a world.
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