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An Affirmation of Our Core Values

Will Webb, Head of School

I’m writing to state clearly that Fountain Valley School is a committed ally of those working proactively and positively to build equality among people and rid our society of systemic racial injustice. While it is the general policy of the School to remain politically neutral, equity and inclusion are not political issues—they are human issues—and as such, the School cannot, nor should not, sit silently as an observer. To do so is counter to our Core Values that have and will continue to drive us to be agents of change for good.

Many of you reading this may be struggling to process what you’ve seen or heard or experienced in the days since George Floyd’s death. You may feel angry, scared, confused, guilty, and perhaps helpless. You may also find yourself at odds with friends or family. And for the people of color in our community, this emotional turmoil may be a daily reality for you that is not limited to just this past week.

Growth seldom occurs without discomfort, and unfortunately history has shown that violent conflict can be a common catalyst of change. I share this not as justification for any of the loss of life or property that has occurred, but rather with the hope that we may learn from the past and pursue a peaceful path forward that starts with dialogue.

This is a time to lean into your discomfort, test your assumptions, seek to understand a perspective different than your own, ask questions, and in turn, share yours with another. And it may not be about changing your viewpoint or the viewpoints of others, but rather, about deepening understanding.

This will require Courage, Compassion, Curiosity, Self-Reliance, and Open-Mindedness, which is why they are the Core Values that we live and teach each day at Fountain Valley School, and the very foundation on which this School and community stand firmly.
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