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Virtual Still Life: A Photography Challenge

What exactly is "Still Life"? Quickly put, it's a representation of inanimate objects in a staged setting. As a genre of art, still life dates all the way back to early Egyptian times — often used as a demonstration of one’s artistic skills, usually including plants, insects & everyday objects, dead animals, food and memento mori as the subject matter.

Objects often take on greater meanings within the frame. The relating objects, the lighting and the presentation all play a factor in how the final image will be interpreted.

FVS Photography and Film teacher, Chris Hutchinson, challenged FVSV students with an exercise in still life work. Each photographer was tasked in finding objects (or a collection of objects) as the focus of a visual study. As an optional challenge, Hutchinson encouraged students to conceptualize their arrangements with a COVID-19 theme. Most pieces were produced with smartphones and edited using Google's Pixlr Editor.

Hutchinson's FVSV class explored some of the historical context of the genre, the use of the memento mori (and how it can be recontextualized to the current time), and how photographers have approached the process over the past 180 years.

▲ Abby L. ’22

▲ Albert B. ’20

▲ Ann C. ’21

▲ Ben C. ’22

▲ Chris S. ’22

▲ Chris S. ’22

▲ Emily A. ’23

▲ Leo Y. ’23

▲ Lily R. ’21

▲ Lily R. ’21

▲ Lily R. ’21

▲ Mason B. ’22

▲ Patrick Z. ’22
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