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Classic Art Recreation: "Stay-At-Home Edition"

You are Da Vinci. You are Mona Lisa. You are the brush, the oil and the canvas. Also, it's April 2020 and you are in your house!

Several museums around the world have made virtual galleries accessible for free and issued challenges like the one from Los Angeles' Getty, which asked people to recreate their favorite works of art using only what's available to them at home. Curtis Singmaster, FVS fine arts department chair, used this as an assignment to tease out the creativity in his students...and it worked.

Portrait with Apples: Lenbachhaus, August Macke, 1909 | Lucia L. ’22, 2020

Tony Casale, Newsboy: Lewis Hine, March 1909 | Cristina F. ’23, 2020

The Shiner: Norman Rockwell, 1953 | Cristina F. ’23, 2020

Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear: Van Gogh, 1889 | Max Z. ’21, 2020

Leap Into the Void: Yves Klein, 1960 | Max Z. ’21, 2020

The Repentant Magdalen: Georges de La Tour, 1635-1640 | Max Z. ’21, 2020

The Sheep Shearer: Van Gogh, 1889 | The Shnauzer Shearer: Kim M. ’21

Lady with an Ermine: Da Vinci, circa 1489 | Emma N. ’20 : Emma with an Otter 2020

Profumo: Luigi Russolo, 1910 | Sera M. ’21, 2020

Young Girl with a Flowered Hat: Alexej von Jawlensky, 1910 | Young Girl With Peas and Oranges: Kellyn P. ’21, 2020

Girl With the Pearl Earring: Johannes Vermeer, 1665 | Chloe M. ’20, 2020

Untitled: Salvador Dali, date unknow | Ants!: Ezra P. ’21, 2020

Window with Ladder-Too Late for Help: Leandro Erlich, 2008 | Window to the Mountains : Ailer T. ’21, 2020

The Virgin of Humility Crowned By Two Angels: Stefano di Giovanni, 1483 | Collin E. ’21, 2020
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