School Nurse

Fountain Valley School is a co-ed, college-preparatory boarding/day school enrolling 230 students in grades 9-12. Founded in 1930, the School provides a rigorous, global curriculum in academics, arts, athletics and the outdoors in a diverse community to develop young adults who are courageous, open-minded, self-reliant, curious, and compassionate.  This position reports directly to the Director of Student Health Services. S/he is responsible for staffing the school’s health center and management of student health records.  The position is a 32-hour per week with benefits.
General Duties:
  • Pull call after clinic hours  two weekends a month starting on Friday evening at 5:30 p.m. and end on Monday morning at 7:30 a.m. and one weeknight per week. 
  • Examine and treat a variety of illnesses and injuries throughout the academic year
  • Contact parents to obtain permissions for treatments and medications.
  • Dispense medications and do follow up.
  • Communicate with Faculty adviser to keep them informed of student’s medical status 
  • Give medical treatment to faculty and staff as needed during the academic year.
  • Be in close contact with physicians’ offices that students are referred to off campus
  • Perform billing and restocking of medications and medical supplies.
  • Refer minor/major accidents/ illnesses to appropriate facility: school physician, Penrose Main ER, Memorial Health Systems or other specialist deemed appropriate.
  • Contact parents/guardians when students are sick longer than 2 days or suffer a significant injury.
  • Assist with records of controlled drugs and monitor other medication supplies.
  • Member of HEW committee to discuss students of concern.
  • Communicate with advisors any health care concerns of their advisees.  Assist with making medical, dental, orthodontic, etc. off campus appointments and arrange transportation
  • Obtain random UA’s as directed by the Dean of Students.
  • Obtain throat cultures for rapid strep and Influenza A/B and send them to the lab as needed. 
  • Give nebulizer treatments as indicated.
  • Work with Athletic Trainer and Director of Athletics on student injuries. 
  • Dispense medications to students on a daily or weekly basis and send reminder notices.
  • Obtain parental permission prior to obtaining x-rays or other diagnostic tests, prior to drawing blood, filling prescriptions, starting a student on a new medication, prior to giving immunizations, if student is not picking up their medications, and if student’s mental or physical health needs to be discussed.  
  • Document all visits to the health center in their electronic chart.  This includes all notes when making off campus appointments for the student.
  • Notify Head of School, Dean of Students, houseparent, advisors, administrator on duty, and parents about any emergency room visits.  
  • Send daily emails to students for next day appointment and a reminder if the student misses their medication.  
  • Assist with giving flu vaccines to faculty, staff, and students with parental permission. 
  • Document all medication changes in chart and notify appropriate resources.  
  • When on duty send out nightly email  to the appropriate list of the students who were seen in the Health Center during the day and an email for students who have restrictions for sports or weekend restrictions for going off campus.
  • When on duty, contact Dean of Students office by Friday at noon with any restricted students for the weekend 
Knowledge and Skills:
  • Ability to work with individuals in a courteous and professional manner.
  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate in a team environment.
  • Detail-oriented, organized, self-motivated, self-directed and punctual.
  • Ability to work independently, prioritize tasks, and manage multiple tasks at one time.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proficient in LMS Blackbaud OnCampus, SchoolDoc, Reach, and Google Educational Suite Apps preferred. 
Licensed Registered Nurse; Bachelor of Science in nursing degree preferred
Must have current CPR and AED certification.
Working Conditions
  • Environment: indoor classroom working with some outdoor events.
  • Physical demands: able to sit and stand for at least 8 hours per day; must be able to lift 40 lb.
  • Attendance at certain community events will be required.
  • Working relationships: students, parents, outside vendors, and all other employees.   
FVS’ Core Values are courage, open-mindedness, self-reliance, curiosity, and compassion. FVS supports a culture of communication and collaboration with the intent of creating an environment of predictability and support for our students, parents, and colleagues.  FVS employees celebrate diversity, participate fully in the school community, embrace the power of the prairie, the peaks, and the history of the School. FVS teaching faculty challenge students, create opportunities for learning and growth beyond the academic day, employ innovative teaching methods, and pursue professional and personal development through lifelong learning. 
Fountain Valley School of Colorado provides a rigorous, global curriculum in academics, arts, athletics and the outdoors in a diverse community to develop young adults who are courageous, open-minded, self-reliant, curious and compassionate.

Send letter of application, resume and list of three professional references to:
Amanda Dedrick
Fountain Valley School of Colorado
Colorado Springs, CO 80911
fax 719.392.6138
E-mail: adedrick@fvs.edu
FVS is a private, college-preparatory, co-ed, day and boarding school for grades 9-12 in Colorado Springs.
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