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FVS Alumna Goes NUTS Over Her Latest Job

Paige Jeschke '14
As a Planters Peanutter, I embarked on my east to west nut-crackin’ fest shortly after graduating the University of Missouri, and it has been a shell of a time! Out of thousands of applicants, I was one of nine selected to pilot the Planters NUTmobile on a year-long tour across the United States. I never make a discreet entrance driving a 26-foot-long peanut on wheels with my two coworkers, traveling to a new city every week. I have been to over 30 states (and counting) where I work a variety of events with the NUTmobile. Ranging from an axe-throwing tournament to the Big 12 Championships, it has been a really nutty time. I even had the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles to take part in the Planters Super Bowl

A typical week as a Planters Nutter involves driving to a new city on Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are precious days off, and working events, Thursday through Sunday. At a typical event, fans can see the NUTmobile, take a picture with Mr. Peanut and grab a satisfying, crunchy sample of Planters nuts. Along with doing experiential marketing, my job consists of capturing content for Mr. Peanut’s social channels and pitching to local media. I defiNUTly leveraged my Fountain Valley education during my interview -- boasting of my independence at an early age and my understanding of what it's like to live far away from home. I am looking forward to my next adventure after this year is over and even more excited to see where my career takes me!

Salty FAQs:
-3 NUTmobiles (weighing in at 3 million peanuts each)
-9 Peanutters (not weighing in at 3 million peanuts each)
-We do NUT stay the night in the NUTmobile. @e stay in hotels of our choosing.
-There are 6 seats inside the NUTmobile.
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