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Defining Programs

A Fountain Valley School Education is unique in many ways that you’ll soon discover as you explore this website. Here are a few places to start:

Freshman Year: Chapter One

On this semester-long journey of self-discovery, freshmen are urged to become their own open book and embrace Mark Twain's sage advice: "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."

Sophomore Year: Western Immersion Program

As a sophomore, you’ll travel to our 40-acre mountain campus for three days of immersion in the Western experience. Weaving together the disciplines of science, literature, history and art, WIP explores how the Western landscape shaped the people, the history and culture of the region.

Junior Year: College Counseling

Our college counselors have a proven track record of success and will help you gain a strong understanding of your strengths, interests and values so that you will find a school that is the right fit for YOU and where YOU will thrive.

Senior Year: Capstone

By senior year, we hope you’ll have questions—lots of them. Through a Global Scholar Diploma or Capstone Project, you’ll have the opportunity to pick one that really drives you and then you'll take a deep dive. You might work on campus, or take part in an internship and other off-campus experiences that will allow you to work side-by-side with real-world experts and gain valuable professional experience.


Expand your intellectual, cultural and social horizons through weeklong adventures. Some groups stay close to home exploring the incredible American West while others cross international borders— all immerse themselves in experiential education and provide some of the richest memories students carry with them from Fountain Valley.

Equestrian Program

Fountain Valley School’s riding program caters to all riders—from competitive and experienced to never-ridden—and the facilities for both horse and rider are first rate. You can ride five days a week, English or Western, and earn varsity letters. Bring your horse to school with you or ride one of FVS’s 60 horses!

Climbing, Mountain Biking, Skiing & Snowboarding

Climb in one of the largest high school gyms you’ll find anywhere (ours). Ride 15 miles of mountain bike trails on campus as well as nearby IMBA Epics. Experience Rocky Mountain powder snow—every winter weekend. Explore the spectacular valleys, rivers, and deserts that exist just outside our doors. If you like adventure, you’ll LOVE FVS and our singular combination of opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else.
FVS is a private, college-preparatory, co-ed, day and boarding school for grades 9-12 in Colorado Springs.
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