Compensation & Benefits

FVS faculty are expected to teach, coach, serve as advisers, do duty in residence halls, and participate in other administrative responsibilities as needed. Fountain Valley School offers competitive salaries similar to other peer independent day/boarding schools.
Campus Housing
Seventy-five percent of faculty and administration live on campus in 3-4 bedroom apartments built in the residence halls or in single-family houses. Implementation of a $15 million residential life master plan has provided Fountain Valley School students and faculty with one of the best residential facilities in the nation. The majority of the apartments in the residence halls are either new or renovated to provide attractive and functional housing to faculty families. Houseparents receive extra compensation for their additional supervisory responsibilities.

The benefits generally provided include:

A group health plan through Cigna is provided. Fountain Valley School pays a significant portion of the premium for the several different plan options. Three separate plan designs are offered.

A term life insurance policy is available with the School paying the full amount of the premium. The amount of coverage is equal to twice the employee's annual contract salary excluding stipends and extra benefits rounded up to the nearest thousand. Eligibility requirement is 30 hours per regularly scheduled workweek.

Long-term disability insurance is available, with the School paying the full premium. Eligibility requirement is 30 hours per regularly scheduled workweek.

Dental insurance is available with 80% of the premium paid for by the School. The provider is Cigna DPPO Dental plan. Eligibility requirement is 30 hours per regularly scheduled workweek.

A retirement plan is available through TIAA-CREF for all employees. Eligibility is based on first day of the month following hire date. If an employee participates by contributing 5% of his/her salary, the School will contribute the equivalent of 8% of the employee's contract salary (excluding stipends and extra benefits) to the employee's retirement plan.  Eligibility requirement is 1000 hours per calendar year. This is not a mandatory plan. 
FVS is a private, college-preparatory, co-ed, day and boarding school for grades 9-12 in Colorado Springs.
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