FVS Rising: Our Plan for 20-21
Return to Campus, Quarantine & COVID Testing

Return to Campus & Quarantine - Fall 2020

FVS Rising: Our Plan for 20-21

Our return to campus for the second semester will follow the revised timeline below. The goal is to establish a COVID-free cohort among the FVS community so that we may begin in-person learning from a safe baseline and sustain it through Commencement. The two key elements of our plan are a coordinated period of quarantine and COVID testing that will take place at the beginning and end of this 14-day period and then regularly throughout the semester. Details on these two aspects of our plan follow this section of the message. 
  • Jan. 7- COVID testing for all employees
  • Jan. 9-11- Boarding students return to campus
  • Jan. 11- COVID testing on campus for all day and boarding students
  • Jan. 11- 14-day quarantine begins; day students quarantine at home following COVID test and boarding students quarantine as cohorts by residence halls 
  • Jan. 12- Distance learning begins
  • Jan. 13- Ongoing COVID testing for all employees begins
  • Jan. 18- Second COVID test administered to all employees
  • Jan. 21- Second COVID test administered to all students 
  • Jan. 25- In-person learning begins
  • Jan. 25- Weekly COVID testing for all employees begins
  • Feb. 1- Weekly COVID testing for all students begins
Boarding students may arrive between January 9-11 and plans must be communicated in advance and coordinated through the Deans’ Office by contacting deansoffice@fvs.edu and updating travel plans in REACH. Though parents are welcome to accompany students to campus, like this fall, parents must remain outside all school buildings, and only residents will be permitted to enter residence halls. 
Airport shuttles from DIA and COS will be available and also arranged through the Deans’ Office. Students must wear a mask while in school vehicles, and shuttles will be organized in a manner to maximize physical distancing. Please email deansoffice@fvs.edu with questions or to request a shuttle from the airport. 
In the event that a member of our community experiences ANY symptoms of COVID or believes that they may have been exposed, we ask that you remain at home until cleared to return by the School’s Health Center together with any outside physicians involved. 
January Quarantine 
All students will undergo a 14-day quarantine between January 11-24 during which they will attend classes through distance learning. Please note that the recent guidance from the CDC on 7-10 day quarantines does not apply to our residential setting and community per current guidance from the El Paso County Department of Health. In addition, regardless of arrival date, all students will quarantine until Jan. 24. We are in the process of seeking guidance from the El Paso County Department of Health to determine whether those who have had COVID must quarantine and will communicate those details at a later date.
Boarding students will quarantine as cohorts in their residence halls and day students will quarantine at home. Please note that all boarding students must quarantine on campus and anyone arriving after the 11th may not return to their residence hall until they have completed a 14-day quarantine in one of the residence halls reserved for quarantines. 
For boarding students, quarantine will be slightly different from the August quarantine as they will be in their own rooms and with their roommate if they are in a double room. While in quarantine, students will be required to wear masks at all times unless they are in their own room and may not visit other students’ rooms. Students may gather in the common areas so long as they are wearing masks and maintaining physical distancing. Each residence hall will also have a designated outdoor space that students may utilize, and regular supervised outdoor time and activities will be provided each day. In addition, as able, faculty with free periods will provide additional opportunities for students to get outside. 

Quarantine Exemptions
Any student who has been diagnosed with COVID via PCR test within the 90 days preceding January 11 is exempt from quarantine and does not need to be tested in the January 11 round of COVID tests. A copy of test results must be provided to the Health Center at nurses@fvs.edu. The presence of antibodies or a diagnosis made via rapid tests does not satisfy this requirement. Any student who meets the criteria for exemption may remain at home throughout the distance learning period and return to campus for the start of in-person learning on January 25. Please note that any boarding students who are exempt from quarantine and who arrive in advance of the evening of January 24 will need to participate in any remaining period of quarantine with the other members of their residence halls. Any boarding students not exempt from quarantine who arrive after January 11 will quarantine in North or South Perry for 14 days from the date of their arrival.
Meals During Quarantine 
Our First Semester precautionary quarantines identified opportunities for growth, and we have accordingly made adjustments to better support students during this period. In particular, we received significant feedback regarding choice and quantity of food and our Dining Hall team has been working diligently to incorporate the many requests and suggestions offered by our community. Three meals each day will be served to students who will pick them up from the Dining Hall or other location and then return to their residence halls to eat in their rooms. We are working to implement technological solutions that will allow students to order in advance from a variety of options and also specify quantity to ensure that food waste is minimized. In addition, in the coming weeks, we will be surveying students to help inform menu offerings and we will offer more frequent “dorm dash” deliveries.   
Enhanced COVID Testing
FVS has partnered with COVIDCheck Colorado to implement testing of our entire community during the January quarantine, with weekly testing for all students and faculty to begin Jan. 25, continuing tentatively throughout the remainder of the semester. All testing will be done on campus by our Health Center and COVIDCheck Colorado staff and processed via PCR at an off-site lab. This represents a very positive development for our community, but it is important to remember that testing does not identify all positive cases and thus is not a failsafe, standalone approach. Our testing program will continue to be one part of a multifaceted approach to risk management to help ensure the safety and well-being of our community. The timeline for testing will be as follows. 
  • All employees- Jan. 7
  • All day and boarding students- Jan. 11*
  • Ongoing testing for all employees begins- Jan. 13
  • All employees- Jan. 18
  • All day and boarding students- Jan. 21*
  • Weekly testing for all employees begins-  Monday, Jan. 25
  • Weekly testing for all students begins- Monday, Feb. 1
*Day students must come to campus on Jan. 11 and Jan. 21 to be tested for COVID. Further details will be communicated closer to these dates.
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