FVS Rising: Our Plan for 20-21

Residential Life

FVS Rising: Our Plan for 20-21

FVS has established strict protocols for arrival and quarantine in order to best ensure that we start the year from a COVID-free baseline. Much of this burden is being shouldered by our boarding students. After completing the prescribed quarantine, it is our hope that residence halls can be a safe haven where our resident students may relax and experience a sense of normalcy. As a result, residence halls will be open only to those who live there and visitation by others will not be permitted.

In order to preserve what we hope to accomplish through this intentional process, once on campus, boarding students will be required to remain on campus and access by those who are not a part of the FVS community will be limited. Therefore, following the practices established last spring, food deliveries will not be permitted, nor will day and weekend excursions unless they are for a medical need or part of a trip organized by the school such as a Mountain Campus excursion.

In place of these practices, the Deans’ Office will work with student leadership to expand on-campus activities and plan safe off-campus trips when deemed safe, though these will be limited. In addition, students will be encouraged to take advantage of online shopping to fulfill day-to-day needs and as a source for snacks to take the place of evening food deliveries.

Finding a balance that will support the needs of students while helping ensure our community’s safety will be an ongoing work in progress and the School is committed to finding creative solutions to provide an enriching residential life experience and access to off-campus resources.

FVS is a private, college-preparatory, co-ed, day and boarding school for grades 9-12 in Colorado Springs.
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