FVS Rising: Our Plan for 20-21
Health & Well-Being Protocols

Copy of Health & Well-Being Protocols - Fall 2020

FVS Rising: Our Plan for 20-21

In the new normal of a world defined by COVID-19:
  • We MUST be guided at all times by the overall health and well-being of our community
  • We MUST act in a way that prioritizes the impacts of our choices on ourselves and others, equally

Five practices outlined here and additionally in the COVID-19 Addendum to the School’s Handbook will be critical to our success in reducing the potential for spread and containing any cases of COVID-19 on campus.

1) Wear a Mask
Masks help protect you from airborne particles, but as importantly, they help you keep your germs to yourself. As such, all people on campus will be required to wear a mask at all times.

The following exceptions apply:
  • Eating in the dining hall/other approved space
  • Those alone in a contained space such as an office or classroom
  • Those outdoors who are not in the presence of others
  • Faculty/staff and their families when in their homes on campus
  • Students in the residence hall where they live after quarantine (details below)
  • Students participating in an athletic activity that is exempt to the mask requirement
  • Those granted an exemption or accommodation for a health condition documented by their healthcare provider and submitted to the School’s Health Center

Masks must meet the following requirements established by the School, which meet or exceed those of our local and state health departments.
  • Must cover the nose and mouth
  • Must be constructed of multiple layers of fabric and fit snugly to the face, but not rest on the lips so that the mask will not become saturated. Buffs do not meet this requirement and may not be used
  • Must be washed or disinfected daily. It is recommended that all members of the community obtain a week’s supply of reusable masks and establish a cleaning regiment that meets this requirement

2) Wash or Disinfect Your Hands
Removing germs and bacteria from your hands is again critical to protecting yourself and others. Wash hands frequently for a minimum of 20 seconds using soap and water. Soap dispensers installed by the School on campus contain antibacterial soap. Alternatively or in addition, hand sanitizer helps kill bacteria and dispensers are located throughout campus.

3) Practice Physical Distancing
When around others and even while all are weaning masks, best practice is to maintain distance between others. The FVS Dining Hall, classrooms, and other spaces have been reconfigured to reduce density. In addition larger rooms and outdoor spaces will be utilized when needed/possible to maximize physical distancing.

4) Monitor and Report Symptoms
All members of the FVS community will undergo quarantine and COVID-19 testing outlined below in this plan. Our goal is to establish a safe baseline from which to begin the second semester. Moving forward, each member of the community must be honest with themselves and with the School in monitoring and reporting any symptoms that may indicate possible COVID-19 infection. Students, faculty and staff will be required to complete daily screenings outlined below in this plan.

5) Clean
Beginning last spring, the FVS Facilities team expanded the scope and frequency of campus cleaning to mitigate the spread of germs through surface contact and these practices continue. This includes use of an industrial, electrostatic mister that sterilizes surfaces and enhanced cleaning procedures. This practice will continue, and we must also work together to do our part by maintaining a clean environment in the spaces we use each day.

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