FVS Rising: Our Plan for 20-21

This plan will serve as a guide for the 20-21 school year. Much like the landscape of our world during COVID-19, which is ever changing, this plan will evolve. Please check back here frequently for updates.
Our purpose is simple: to create an environment where students, faculty, staff, and families on campus can learn together, live together, and work together in a way that safely maximizes the close-knit, supportive in-person experience that defines a Fountain Valley School education.

Our goal is for our students and our community to thrive regardless of the unpredictability that surrounds us. We will do this by working together to ensure that we provide continuity of academic excellence, experiential and extracurricular opportunities, community connections, and advisory.

The plan outlined in the sections below and the COVID-19 Addendum to the FVS Student Handbook are an evolving framework for a responsive, blended learning environment that is designed to be versatile and adaptable so that we may respond quickly and effectively to a dynamic landscape in the event that we experience improvement in the pandemic, or new, unanticipated challenges.

This plan will evolve and updates will be made here and in the FVS Student Handbook. Additionally, any substantial changes will be communicated by email in a timely manner.

Together, we will rise to any challenges we face. Together, we will thrive.

FVS is a private, college-preparatory, co-ed, day and boarding school for grades 9-12 in Colorado Springs.
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