COVID-19 Resources

Fountain Valley School has created this page to serve as a resource for communication and information in the ongoing response to the Coronavirus, COVID-19.


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  • What is the plan for virtual learning?

    FVS has created A Guide to Fountain Valley School Virtual which includes details about when and how we will transition to a virtual learning environment. 
  • When can students access campus to retrieve belongings?

    Many students have reached out to inquire about access to campus to retrieve personal belongings. For those able to travel to campus, the Deans’ Office will schedule access to pick up ACADEMIC MATERIALS ONLY in 30 minute blocks between 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday March 23-25. To schedule a time, please email deansoffice@fvs.edu. This is not a time to collect all belongings, but only that which you might need for virtual learning such as computers, calculators, and books. Please see the requirements below.
    • It is critical that we maintain social distancing and isolation to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
    • As such, prior to arriving on campus, students and anyone accompanying them in their vehicle must complete this visitor screening form and return it to the Deans’ Office.
    • All access to campus must be pre-arranged in the timeframe outlined above by contacting the Dean’s Office at deansoffice@fvs.edu. If you arrive without an appointment you will not be able to access campus.
    • While on campus, students only will be permitted to access day student lockers or dorm rooms and will be escorted by a faculty member at all times.
    • Anyone else accompanying the student must remain in the vehicle.
    • Following each day’s visits, our Facilities team will then sanitize all spaces where visitors were present following protocols established by the CDC.
    We realize that this may not attend to everyone’s needs and, as such, will work together in the coming week to address and solve the opportunities with which we are presented to support every student.
  • How will the School determine when classes will resume on campus?

    The Governor of Colorado has issued an order suspending in-person classes at all public and private schools in Colorado through Friday, April 17. Therefore, the earliest that we might reconvene on campus would be Monday, April 20. We will continue to follow the directives from the state and consider their guidance, as well as many other factors to determine whether it is safe and prudent to re-open campus. Please do not make travel plans at this point. 
  • How can alumni and friends help support FVS?

    First- we encourage you to reach out to your FVS friends. Many people are taking advantage of time at home to connect with people who are near and dear to them, but also those with whom they may have lost touch. If you’d like help connecting with members of the FVS community, please contact Director of Development Margie Sherer at msherer@fvs.edu and she would be happy to help. Share what you hear from your friends and if there’s a story to be told, please reach out. We’ve launched a new website , as well as the newly minted FVS Community Blog , and we welcome submissions of both news and alumni perspectives. If you have alumni news or blog ideas please contact Director of Development Margie Sherer at msherer@fvs.edu.

    Next, the global financial markets and economic engines have been hit hard and we will all face financial challenges—FVS included. With your continued support of our school we will weather this storm together. If you would like to make a gift to the FVS Annual Fund or endowment please contact Director of Development Margie Sherer at msherer@fvs.edu or visit the FVS Annual Fund webpage.

    Last, a personal appeal for all of us to do our part. Never before in our lifetimes have we been so empowered to write our own histories. The world's foremost experts and the experiences of communities around the world show clearly that social distancing and good hygiene can significantly slow the spread of COVID-19 and thus save lives. The choices we make as individuals moving forward will have a profound effect on the trajectory of this virus and the lives of those around us. I implore you to follow the guidance offered by the CDC and local governments, and support the greater good however hard it may be. Though we may not know what lies ahead, the strength of community and wisdom found in the FVS core values can help sustain and guide us. Courage, compassion, curiosity, open-mindedness, and self-reliance have never been more relevant.
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