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    Educating the Heart and the Mind through Communication

    Saint Mary's alumna Dr. Amanda Blackwell shares her journey from SMC to Guatemala, where she has lived and served as a speech-language pathologist for the past seven years. Hear how she has made meaningful connections with the Guatemalan people while providing educational opportunities for families and professionals through her work in the country and beyond. Amanda founded DIGNA International, a non-profit vocational training program for adults with disabilities. Amanda is a bilingual speech-language pathologist and started the official professional association for local Guatemalan speech therapists. She is working toward a Doctor of Education with the goal of opening a university for allied health professions in Guatemala. She currently provides speech therapy to individuals with deafness, blindness, down syndrome, autism and other disabilities, as well as teletherapy services for public school students.
  5. 14

    America & the World in a New Administration

    Four years ago, Steve Clemons gave us a fascinating look ahead at President Trump’s likely foreign policy, then with a new foreign and national security policy team.  Today, the world seems to be in a much more volatile state, and the American body politic appears to be immobilized by political polarization, social conflict, and economic malaise as a result of COVID 19. Under President Biden, a change in direction is a certainty. 
    What happens in America doesn’t stay in America—our domestic issues have foreign policy repercussions. How should we think about the year ahead, America’s role in it, and our role as citizens? Join us January 14 to find out.  
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    Educating Children of Color

    The Educating Children of Color Summit provides a unique opportunity for educators, juvenile justice, and child welfare professionals to enhance their ability to retain and inspire the students they serve. It is also an opportunity for high school students to learn about themselves while they explore higher education. Finally, the Summit is an opportunity for parents to learn to communicate with schools and with their children to maximize their child’s success. Through professional registrations at the Summit we award money to students to help defray the cost of higher education. 
    This year we will be awarding $20,000 in scholarships and educational awards. Visit the Scholarship page to apply. Over the last 13 years, ECOC has awarded more than $199,000 in scholarships and educational gifts as well as 199 laptops to students attending the Educating Children of Color Summit.  
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    Conversation About Faith, Race, and Ethnicity

    Across the US, people are marching in the streets, demanding an end to police brutality and racial inequality. But the issue of racism and violence against people of color runs deep. While we‘ve made progress over the years, this feels like a moment when people all over the country recognize that half-measures are not enough. This is a deep, centuries-in-the-making challenge that we face to undo racism, and we need decisive action.

    Changing the Legacy of Race & Ethnicity (CLoRE) is a conversation series initiated by Colorado Humanities and implemented with partners to encourage understanding and discussion about the legacy of race in America, and how to make changes now for a more just future.

    On Sunday, January 17 at 7 p.m. Adrian Miller, Executive Director of Colorado Council of Churches, will moderate an online panel conversation “Changing the Legacy of Race & Ethnicity – Of the Spirit” with live Q & A. Faith leaders in Colorado Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim communities will discuss racial justice through a theological lens
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    MLK Holiday & Social Justice

    Performances blend music, drama, poetry, and humor to explore diversity and equity in your industry. Followed by a REACH guided facilitation and strategy session
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    PSAT for Sophomores

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    2021 Upper School Student SDG Summit

    Participants in this Summit will have the opportunity to further their project ideas through the United Nations Association, allowing them to find additional collaborators, present at UNA/UN conferences, and work on the SDGs in their local community with like-minded UN advocates.
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    Practice SAT for Juniors

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