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BTS Checklist

We've put this page together to help you plan and keep track of the steps to be completed before students arrive on campus. Click on each step below to see additional details and information. Steps that can be completed now have links to do so. For steps to be completed later this summer, a timeline for completion is indicated. 

List of 12 items.

  • 1) Plan & Communicate Your August Arrival

    Who: All New & Returning Students
    When: ASAP
    How: Email 

    We are excited to welcome you to campus! Please note the following below when planning your arrival. 
    • New international students may arrive beginning August 18 and must be on campus by August 21 at Noon. 
    • New domestic students must arrive on August 21 by noon. 
    • As soon as you have your travel itinerary for August, please email it to deansoffice@fvs.edu. Once you have submitted your arrival date, Mrs. Baldwin will send you a confirmation so that you can move forward with your planning. 
    • All students will participate in Registration Day on Saturday, August 21, which takes place between 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. and is our official welcome to campus event. 
    • Parents are welcome and encouraged to accompany students for their arrival and registration, and should plan to depart campus at the end of the day on August 21. 
    • For students whose parents are not accompanying them to campus, FVS provides shuttle service from the Denver and Colorado Springs airports. Shuttle fees for trips from DIA are $25.00; shuttles to and from COS are free of charge. 
    • When booking air travel for children under 15, some airlines may require that they fly as an unaccompanied minor, which requires an adult to meet them upon arrival. In these cases, FVS will arrange to have a representative meet your child at the airport. A fee of $150 will be billed to your account for this service. 
    • It is our hope that the coming school year will proceed as planned and indicated on the school’s Major Events Calendar. However, due to uncertainty arising from the ongoing pandemic, we strongly advise that any travel arrangements be made so that they may be changed without penalty. 
    • Pre-Arrival COVID Testing- At this time, we will require all students, both vaccinated and non, to arrive with a negative COVID test that has been completed within the 72 hours prior to arrival. 
    • COVID Vaccinations & Post-Arrival Quarantines- FVS does not at this time require COVID-19 vaccination for students; however, also at this time, unvaccinated students will be required to quarantine for seven days in their assigned residence hall (boarding students) or at home (day students.) If you are fully vaccinated, you will need to upload a picture of your vaccination card or record to the SchoolDoc Website in June when you submit health information and forms. Parents of students who are unvaccinated for COVID will need to create a contingency plan when completing Health Center Forms that is subject to approval by the Deans’ Office and Health Center.
  • 2) Select Courses & Connect with the Academic Team

    Who: New Students Only
    When: Ongoing
    How: Email & Virtual Meeting

    Students will receive an email to schedule a Google Meet or Zoom Meeting. A member of our Academic team will reach out with an invitation to connect one-on-one to discuss the academic program and begin the course selection process. This process has already started, and if you have not yet been contacted, please expect for that to happen in the coming weeks. Please contact Deb Prantl at dprantl@fvs.edu if you have any questions. 
  • 3) Check for Summer Reading & Assignments

    Who: New & Returning Students
    When: Available Now 
    How: Log-in to the Student Portal at fvs.edu

    An email has been sent to students and families prompting them to check the Student Portal for summer course and reading assignments.  
  • 4) Complete Health Forms and Medical Information

    Who: Completed by New & Returning Parents
    When: Available Now

    The FVS Health Center provides or coordinates all care for FVS boarding students, and works closely with day student families to support the needs of those students on campus and during school events, which include off-campus excursions. The Health Center uses a secure and confidential web-based service called SchoolDoc to collect and store student health information, consent-to-treat authorizations, and other documents such as allergy or other action plans. 

    An email has been sent to parents with a link from SchoolDoc to begin the process. All required forms and consents must be complete BEFORE a student arrives on campus. Through SchoolDoc, parents will need to:

  • 5) Complete Deans’ Office Parent Forms

    Who: New & Returning Parents 
    When: Now Available

    An email from the Deans’ Office was sent to families notifying them that the online forms are available to be completed on the fvs.edu Parent Portal and instructions on how to do so. These include: campus permission forms; media release; release of liability; and others. 
  • 6) Complete Deans’ Office Roommate Questionnaire

    Who: New Students 
    When: Available Now

    This questionnaire asks students to provide information about their habits, likes, dislikes, and personal preferences that will be used to make matches between roommates. In early August, students will log onto the fvs.edu Student Portal where they will be able to view their roommate and residence hall assignment. 
  • 7) Complete Deans’ Office Adviser Questionnaire

    Who: New Students 
    When: Available Now

    This questionnaire helps us gauge interests and learning preferences to make the best possible match between adviser and advisee. In early August, students will log onto the fvs.edu Student Portal where they will be able to view their adviser assignment. Advisers will reach out to connect by phone and/or email shortly thereafter. 
  • 8) Complete Day Student Bus Form

    Who: New & Returning Day Students Who Wish to Ride the FVS Bus
    When: Available Now

    This form helps us gauge the number of day students who will be utilizing transportation offered to and from school. Routes will be planned according to response and will be communicated in early August. 
  • 9) Complete Day Student Vehicle Registration

    Who: Day Students Who Wish to Park on Campus
    When: Available Now
    How: Download PDF - Print out, complete, and submit to Mrs. Baldwin in the Deans' Office upon arrival.

    Junior and senior day students who wish to drive themselves to campus may park behind the old gym with a parking permit issued by the Deans’ Office. This privilege is governed by a number of rules and requirements detailed in the Student Handbook and students must complete a Google Form to seek approval from the Deans’ Office to park on campus.  
  • 10) Complete Athletics & After School Activities Information

    Who: New & Returning Students
    When: Mid-July
    How: Google Forms and BigTeams.com

    Students will receive a welcome and introduction from the Athletics Department that includes:  
    • An overview of the athletic and after school activity requirements and options
    • A signup form to be completed by students to indicate their preferences for each season and information about any additional fees for participation. 
    • Instructions for parents to create an account on BigTeams.com, which is a web-based service that is used to collect and store all forms required for athletics or after-school activities. 
  • 11) View Course Schedule

    Who: Students & Parents
    When: Mid-July
    How: Student Portal on fvs.edu

    The Academic Coordinator will share information about how students may access their schedule via the Student Portal on fvs.edu. This message will also contain information about how and what books to order, as well as the process for requesting changes to one’s schedule.  

    Get a COVID Test Prior to Arrival
  • 12) Complete Pre-Arrival COVID Testing

    Who: New & Returning Unvaccinated Students
    When: Within 72 Hours Prior to Arrival on Campus
    How: COVID Testing Facility or Healthcare Provider

    We will require all unvaccinated students to provide a negative COVID PCR test that is administered 72 hours prior to their arrival to campus (in-person Student Registration: Saturday, August 21).

    Currently, all students who provide proof of vaccination are not required to provide a negative COVID test.

    Last Updated: August 15, 2021
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