Danes Beyond FVS

Danes Beyond FVS

Do you have ambitions to compete in college? To get noticed by college athletic recruiters? To spend a year in junior hockey? We can help get you there! Many Danes have continued their athletic careers at the collegiate level (NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA) or in junior hockey. Below is a partial list of those schools.

Class of 2018
Division III
Lewis and Clark : Ani Love, soccer

Class of 2017
Division III
Lake Forest College: Ian Strine, soccer

Class of 2016

Division III
Colorado College: Sam Bermingham, soccer


Bethany College: Mckayla Dedrick, volleyball

Class of 2015
Division I
Dartmouth College: Dominic Carrese, cross country, track and field
University of Michigan: Garrett VanWyhe, hockey

Division III
St. Lawrence University: Cleo Mueller, equestrian
Mount Holyoke College: Donari Yahzid, track and field

Junior Hockey
Southern Oregon Spartans of the WSHL: Paiute Morrison
Boston Jr. Rangers of the EHL: Justin Pierce
Wichita Falls Wildcats of the NAHL (2015-16) and Cedar Rapids Roughriders of the USHL (2016-17): Garrett Van Wyhe
EspoonKiekkoSeura Jr. A in Finland: Lauri Moisio
Whitefish Wolverines of the WSHL: Peter Stensland

Class of 2014
Division III
Colorado Colorado College: Sydney Arnott, lacrosse
Smith College: Nora Blood-Cheney, soccer
Green Mountain College: Griffin Shelor, soccer and track
Wesleyan University: Sage Marshall, hockey
Hope College: Jakub Myska, hockey (ACHA team)

University of Northern British Columbia: Anna Greenbaum, soccer

Class of 2013
Division III
Scripps College: Maia Presti, diving

Class of 2012

Division III
Colby College: Kim Donaldson, volleyball, basketball, track and field
Colorado School of Mines: Alanna Erickson, swimming
Lake Forest College: Dariusz Baliczek, football
Hendrix College: Matthew Larimer, lacrosse
Claremont McKenna: Kate Connaughton, lacrosse

NJCAA/Division I
Iowa Western Community College (2012-2014) and Ole Miss (2014-): Sean Johnson, baseball

Class of 2011

Division III
Colorado College: Davis Tutt, basketball
Lewis and Clark College: Ellen Kerchner, soccer
University of Puget Sound: Baylee McIntyre, lacrosse

Northeastern Junior College, Alex Ochoa, women's basketball

Class of 2010
Division I
Stanford University: Maxine Luckett, lacrosse
Texas Christian University: Emily Maloof, riding

Division III

Catholic University: Ryan Anderson, cross country
Manchester College (Ind.): Chris Kozlik, soccer (2010-11)
Clark University (Mass.): Chris Kozlik, field hockey (2011-current) and diving (2012-current)
University of Southern Maine: Jordan Lee, hockey (Jordan was a co-op player from a local school for the Dane ice hockey team from 2008-10)

Class of 2009
Division I
Purdue University: Steve Stoot, cross country and track
St. Mary's University (Calif.): Elie Jackson, lacrosse
Texas Christian University: Emy Hanna, track

Division III
Babson College: Lukas Langer, soccer
Bard College: Cheye Pagel, soccer
Rollins College (2009-2011) and Stetson University (2011-2013): Clarke Tatje, tennis 
U.S. Air Force Academy: Wrendy Rayhill, soccer
Whittier College: Wiles Larimer, lacrosse

Class of 2008
Division III
Hamilton College: Jeanie Folan, swimming
Luther College: Andrew Finanger, cross country
University of Chicago: Hannah Radner, cross crounty, track
Rollins College/Trinity College: Brandon Giorgetta, soccer
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs: Ace Van Esselstine, soccer

Class of 2007
Division III
Clark University: Katherine Rowe, field hockey
Mt. Holyoke: Missy Hartley, field hockey and lacrosse
Pitzer College: Chase Dyer, tennis
Whittier College: Rob Larimer, lacrosse

Class of 2006
Division III
Bard College: Jake Magee, soccer
Colorado College: Brittney Moore, track and swimming
Colorado College: Chris Ellis, soccer
Vassar College: Mera McGrew, cross country, track

Class of 2005
Division III
Skidmore College: Carol Simonson, crew
Tufts University: Elsie Black, crew

Class of 2003
Division III
Wabash College: Keith Clayton, track and field
Swarthmore College: Dillon McGrew, basketball, track
University of Puget Sound: Travis Titus, tennis and rowing

Concordia University: Haley Jones | Soccer (all-American in 2006)

Class of 2001
Division I
U.S. Naval Academy: Ashley van Hartesvelt | Volleyball

Division III
Washington University in St. Louis: Kelly Manning | Basketball (FVS Athletic Hall of Fame member)

Class of 2000
Division III
Swarthmore College: Katey McCaffrey | Soccer

Class of 1997
Division I
American University: Brooke Molnar | Field hockey (NCAA scholar-athlete)
University of Oklahoma, Kizzy Bailey | Track and field (All-American long jumper)

Class of 1994
Division I
Stanford University: Vandy Mason | Crew (also invited to train with the U.S. National Team at ARCO Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif., in the summer of '98 for Under-22 team selection. Earned a bronze medal at '98 U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis as part of a 4+ crew)

Class of 1988
Division I
Dartmouth College: Doug Patterson | Lacrosse
Brown University: Lara Witter | Women's Crew

Class of 1987
Division I
Southern Methodist University: Kris Eckhardt Pankow | Swimming

Class of 1985
Division I
Wake Forest: Rachel Franke | Volleyball
University of Texas: Daniel Fishman | Lacrosse

Division III
Connecticut College: Joelle Patten | Volleyball

Class of 1984
Division III
Skidmore College: Blake Hering | Soccer, Basketball, lacrosse

Division I
Texas A&M: R.A. Burrell | Lacrosse (1986-88)

Class of 1982
Division II
University of Denver: Bronwyn Platts | Basketball (FVS Athletic Hall of Fame member)

Class of 1979
Division III
Hamilton College: John R. Welch | Lacrosse

Saint Martin’s College: Darrell R. Johnson | Basketball 1979-84 (FVS Athletic Hall of Fame member)

Class of 1975
Division I
University of Notre Dame: Tim Kardok | Track & Field (FVS Athletic Hall of Fame member)
Yale University: Michael Patterson | Football

Class of 1976
Division III
Grinnell College/Pomona-Pitzer: Mike Moody | Volleyball

Class of 1972
Division III
Colorado College: George Jackson | Soccer

Class of 1971
Division III
Colorado College: Mike Maccini
Oberlin College: Jake Emery | Hockey

Division II
New England College: Stan Kensinger | Hockey, Baseball

Class of 1970
Division III
Colorado College: Peter D. Fairchild | Soccer

Class of 1969
Division III
Claremont-McKenna College: Craig Larimer | Soccer

Class of 1968
Division III
Colorado College: Tim Boddington, soccer and lacrosse (FVS Athletic Hall of Fame member)

Class of 1963
Division I
Boston University: Frederic M. Schaefer Jr (Tim), skiing, 1966-67, captain

Class of 1962
Division III
Williams College: Jack Lane, track and field
Williams College: David Pfaelzer, hockey

Class of 1961
Division III
Amherst College: Tom Poor, soccer, squash and tennis
    • Dominic Carrese

      Dominic Carrese '15 (photo courtesy of Dartmouth Athletics)

    • Sam Bermingham

      Sam Bermingham '16 (photo courtesy Colorado College Athletics)

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