Danes Beyond FVS

Danes Beyond FVS

Many Danes have continued their playing careers at the collegiate level (NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA) or in junior hockey. Below is a partial list of those schools. We will continue to update this list as more information comes in. If you would like to add your name to this list, e-mail Matt Marine at with your name, class year, sport, college/university, and years you competed.

Class of 2018
Division III
Lewis and Clark : Ani Love, soccer

Class of 2017
Division III
Lake Forest College: Ian Strine, soccer

Class of 2016

Division III
Colorado College: Sam Bermingham, soccer


Bethany College: Mckayla Dedrick, volleyball

Class of 2015
Division I
Dartmouth College: Dominic Carrese, cross country, track and field
University of Michigan: Garrett VanWyhe, hockey

Division III
St. Lawrence University: Cleo Mueller, equestrian
Mount Holyoke College: Donari Yahzid, track and field

Junior Hockey
Southern Oregon Spartans of the WSHL: Paiute Morrison
Boston Jr. Rangers of the EHL: Justin Pierce
Wichita Falls Wildcats of the NAHL (2015-16) and Cedar Rapids Roughriders of the USHL (2016-17): Garrett Van Wyhe
EspoonKiekkoSeura Jr. A in Finland: Lauri Moisio
Whitefish Wolverines of the WSHL: Peter Stensland

Class of 2014
Division III
Smith College: Nora Blood-Cheney, soccer
Green Mountain College: Griffin Shelor, soccer and track
Wesleyan University: Sage Marshall, hockey
Hope College: Jakub Myska, hockey (ACHA team)

University of Northern British Columbia: Anna Greenbaum, soccer

Class of 2013
Division III
Scripps College: Maia Presti, diving

Class of 2012

Division III
Colby College: Kim Donaldson, volleyball, basketball, track and field
Colorado School of Mines: Alanna Erickson, swimming
Lake Forest College: Dariusz Baliczek, football
Hendrix College: Matthew Larimer, lacrosse
Claremont McKenna: Kate Connaughton, lacrosse

NJCAA/Division I
Iowa Western Community College (2012-2014) and Ole Miss (2014-): Sean Johnson, baseball

Class of 2011

Division III
Colorado College: Davis Tutt, basketball
Lewis and Clark College: Ellen Kerchner, soccer
University of Puget Sound: Baylee McIntyre, lacrosse

Northeastern Junior College, Alex Ochoa, women's basketball

Class of 2010
Division I
Stanford University: Maxine Luckett, lacrosse
Texas Christian University: Emily Maloof, riding

Division III

Catholic University: Ryan Anderson, cross country
Manchester College (Ind.): Chris Kozlik, soccer (2010-11)
Clark University (Mass.): Chris Kozlik, field hockey (2011-current) and diving (2012-current)
University of Southern Maine: Jordan Lee, hockey (Jordan was a co-op player from a local school for the Dane ice hockey team from 2008-10)

Class of 2009
Division I
Purdue University: Steve Stoot, cross country and track
St. Mary's University (Calif.): Elie Jackson, lacrosse
Texas Christian University: Emy Hanna, track

Division III
Babson College: Lukas Langer, soccer
Bard College: Cheye Pagel, soccer
Rollins College (2009-2011) and Stetson University (2011-2013): Clarke Tatje, tennis 
U.S. Air Force Academy: Wrendy Rayhill, soccer
Whittier College: Wiles Larimer, lacrosse

Class of 2008
Division III
Hamilton College: Jeanie Folan, swimming
Luther College: Andrew Finanger, cross country
University of Chicago: Hannah Radner, cross crounty, track
Rollins College/Trinity College: Brandon Giorgetta, soccer
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs: Ace Van Esselstine, soccer

Class of 2007
Division III
Clark University: Katherine Rowe, field hockey
Mt. Holyoke: Missy Hartley, field hockey and lacrosse
Pitzer College: Chase Dyer, tennis
Whittier College: Rob Larimer, lacrosse

Class of 2006
Division III
Bard College: Jake Magee, soccer
Colorado College: Brittney Moore, track and swimming
Colorado College: Chris Ellis, soccer
Vassar College: Mera McGrew, cross country, track

Class of 2005
Division III
Skidmore College: Carol Simonson, crew
Tufts University: Elsie Black, crew

Class of 2003
Division III
Wabash College: Keith Clayton, track and field
Swarthmore College: Dillon McGrew, basketball, track
University of Puget Sound: Travis Titus, tennis and rowing

Concordia University: Haley Jones, soccer (all-American in 2006)

Class of 2001
Division I
U.S. Naval Academy: Ashley van Hartesvelt, volleyball

Division III
Washington University in St. Louis: Kelly Manning, basketball (FVS Athletic Hall of Fame member)

Class of 2000
Division III
Swarthmore College: Katey McCaffrey, soccer

Class of 1997
Division I
American University: Brooke Molnar, field hockey (NCAA scholar-athlete)
University of Oklahoma, Kizzy Bailey, track and field (All-American long jumper)

Class of 1994
Division I
Stanford University: Vandy Mason, crew (also invited to train with the U.S. National Team at ARCO Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif., in the summer of '98 for Under-22 team selection. Earned a bronze medal at '98 U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis as part of a 4+ crew)

Class of 1988
Division I
Dartmouth College: Doug Patterson, lacrosse
Brown University: Lara Witter, women's crew (three years)

Class of 1987
Division I
Southern Methodist University: Kris Eckhardt Pankow, swimming

Class of 1985
Division I
Wake Forest: Rachel Franke, volleyball
University of Texas: Daniel Fishman, lacrosse

Division III
Connecticut College: Joelle Patten, volleyball

Class of 1984
Division III
Skidmore College: Blake Hering, soccer, basketball and lacrosse

Division I
Texas A&M: R.A. Burrell, lacrosse (1986-88)

Class of 1982
Division II
University of Denver: Bronwyn Platts, basketball (FVS Athletic Hall of Fame member)

Class of 1979
Division III
Hamilton College: John R. Welch, lacrosse

Saint Martin’s College: Darrell R. Johnson, basketball 1979-84

Class of 1975
Division I
University of Notre Dame: Tim Kardok, track and field (FVS Athletic Hall of Fame member)
Yale University: Michael Patterson, football

Class of 1976
Division III
Grinnell College/Pomona-Pitzer: Mike Moody, volleyball

Class of 1971
Division III
Colorado College: Mike Maccini

Division II
New England College: Stan Kensinger, hockey and baseball

Class of 1969
Division III
Claremont-McKenna College: Craig Larimer, soccer

Class of 1968
Division III
Colorado College: Tim Boddington, soccer and lacrosse (FVS Athletic Hall of Fame member)

Class of 1963
Division I
Boston University: Frederic M. Schaefer Jr (Tim), skiing, 1966-67, captain

Class of 1962
Division III
Williams College: Jack Lane, track and field
Williams College: David Pfaelzer, hockey

Class of 1961
Division III
Amherst College: Tom Poor, soccer, squash and tennis
    • Dominic Carrese

      Dominic Carrese '15 (photo courtesy of Dartmouth Athletics)

    • Sam Bermingham

      Sam Bermingham '16 (photo courtesy Colorado College Athletics)

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