Athletic Hall of Fame

The Athletic Hall of Fame was created to honor Fountain Valley School alumni, faculty and supporters who have made an impact at the School. Anyone in the FVS community can make a nomination online.

Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

Class of 2019
Barry Brown '69, Baseball, Football, Hockey
Darrell Johnson '79, Basketball, Track & Field
Mercer Borden '87, Hockey, Lacrosse
Arroll Borden '89, Hockey, Lacrosse

Maggie Hanna '07, English Riding, Track & Field

Class of 2018
Doug Patterson '88, Soccer, Lacrosse
Heather Hall '98, Basketball
Mark Sather '88, Hockey
2007 State Finalist Boys Soccer Team

Class of 2017
Wally and Nancy Goodwin, Coach and Dane Super-fan
Brent Abel '67, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Tennis
Mark Hatch '92, Lacrosse, Tennis, Squash
1996 State Finalist Field Hockey Team

Class of 2016
Morgan Smith '56, Football, Gymkhana, Hockey, Skiing, Soccer
Bill Fraser '66, Basketball, Football, Skiing, Track
Abdillahi Haji '66, P '09, Soccer, Track

Class of 2015
Andy Handford P '00, Former Faculty and Dane Super-fan
Torney Smith '65, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Track and Field

Class of 2014
Kathy Kardok '77, Field Hockey, Basketball, Tennis
Emy Hanna '09, Basketball, English Riding, Track and Field, Volleyball

Class of 2013
1945 Football Team
Peggy Thayer, Dane Super-Fan
Norman Maktima '98, Outdoor Education, Fly Fishing

Class of 2012
Jeff Kreps '82, Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer
Brad Schwartz '82, Hockey, Tennis
Veronique Richardson '02, Basketball, Track, Volleyball

Class of 2011
Wayne MacVeagh '53, Riding
John Sheridan '74, Hockey, Soccer
J.J. Peterson '91, Lacrosse, Hockey, Soccer
Kelly Manning '01, Basketball, Track

Class of 2010
Benjamin Brundred '43, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, Track and Field
Hal Clifford '65, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Wrestling
Mark Faricy '95, Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball

Class of 2009
Deck Cheney, Riding Director
Tim Boddington '68, Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer
Tim Kardok '75, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track and Field
Bronwyn Platts '82, Basketball
The 1982-83 state finalist hockey team

Class of 2008

Don Kardok, Athletic Director
Henry "Heb" Newman, Athletic Director
Kizzy Bailey '97, Track and Field
Stan Lovely '85, Basketball
Bill Murphy '46, Football
1947 undefeated football team
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