The Arts at FVS

Since its founding in 1930, the arts have held a special place in the School's life. With a comprehensive course offering in studio arts, theater, music (instrumental and choral), photography and filmmaking, Fountain Valley is a school full of opportunities and inspirations for creative minds. Countless alumni have gone on to build careers in the arts.

Founding faculty Boardman Robinson built the base upon which FVS arts are built. He was a famed artist in his own right, and he also was a founding memory of the Broadmoor Arts Academy, now the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.

Regional and Nationally Known FVS Alumni Artists
David Hare '36, sculptor
Sam Goldwyn '43, legendary movie producer
Ed Sherin '48, director/producer "Law and Order"
Pete LaFarge '49, singer/songwriter
A. Marshall Bell '61, actor
Jack Lane '62, art museum director
John Perry Barlow '65, lyricist for the Grateful Dead
Bob Weir '65, Grateful Dead member
Brad Dourif '69, actor
Griffin Dunne '74, actor, producer, director
Bruce Gomez '75, painter
Dominique Dunne '77, actress
Tony Goldwyn '78, actor, producer, director
Rosalind McGary '85, artist
Allison Chase '86, producer
Mark Wong '86, ceramicist
Steve Lemme '87, founder of the Broken Lizard Comedy Troop, actor
Todd Reed '92, jewelry designer
Irene Neuwirth '94, jewelry designer
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