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Performing Arts

What We Offer

Theater Arts

Theater at Fountain Valley is as much about culture as it is about performing. An artistic laboratory, the theater is a place for students to discover and refine their talents on stage and behind the scenes, and to take healthy risks. It’s about teamwork, creative collaboration, respect, and helping others shine. Actors hone their stage presence and vocal techniques through character analysis and the study of both classic and modern works. Between scene study and performances, classes during the day enable students to sharpen their technique and explore collaboration through the fundamentals of Improvisational Acting. An after-school theater program leads to the production of three plays per year, including a winter musical. Advanced Theater opportunities are available to students wishing to pursue roles in the after-school program and beyond in much the same manner as a college-level scene study course. 

Concert Choir

students perform at winter choir concert

This performing ensemble focuses on the enjoyment of choral singing while emphasizing vocal technique and style interpretation. Students learn and sing music across multiple genres, and focus on performance and note-reading. Overall emphasis is placed on improved singing qualities and the advancement of individual skills in the ensemble setting. Performing in public is a required part of this course.

Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music classes at Fountain Valley School are designed to engage students in a wide range of musical genres and allow them to embrace a diverse array of musical languages and creative practices. Every class has a core component that emphasizes the development of independent musicianship via a playful, process-driven approach to making music. At the heart of the instrumental program is a communal culture wherein students develop valuable practice techniques that allow them freedom of expression on their instruments and lead to the discovery of their own creative fluency as improvisers, composers, and fellow collaborators. 

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