Dominique Dunne Film Competition

Rules and Entry Information

The Dominique Dunne Film Competition

Sponsored by Fountain Valley School of Colorado

Rules and Regulations

Entry Fee: $11 for first entry and $6 for each additional entry per individual. U.S. dollars only.
  • The limit per school is six entries (three per category)
  • No fee waivers are available.
  • Pay and submit your entry through Film Freeway (link on this page or here).
Entry Submission
  • Each film should be submitted separately. There is a limit of six entries per school (three per each category), and all six could come from the same individual. 
  • Entries are limited to 20-minute maximum running time.
  • Students must be currently registered in a public or independent high school and in grades 9-12. Students must send a copy of his or her school ID or proof of registration.
  • Entries submitted must be pre-screened and endorsed as the school's official entries by a teacher at the school—preferably a film teacher. All of the school's entries (up to six) must be screened by the same teacher.
  • Films not in English language should have English subtitles.
  • Films must be the work of the student or student group–no major contributions from teachers, parents, professionals, or others.
  • Entries must be received by Jan. 1, 2017. No late entries will be accepted.
  • Winners will be notified by late January 2017. Winners will be posted on the FVS website after the screening.
  • The competition screening will be Jan. 28, 2017.
  • Dramatic: Tells a fictional story, is narrative
  • Documentary: Nonfiction content, interviews and voice-over narration, still photographs, footage of actual events to explore a chosen subject
First and second prizes will be awarded in each category, and honorable mentions may be awarded.

First: $300
Second: $100
Honorable Mention: $50
Finalists for first and second place awards will be decided by a screening committee. Finalists will be sent on to a panel of judges who are recognized professionals with established careers in the film industry. Each winner may receive a written personal critique from one of the competition judges or a member of the competition advisory panel. Honorable mention awards will be chosen by the screening committee.

Judging criteria is based on the technical and artistic merit in the quality and use of lighting, composition, editing, audio quality, camera technique, originality, writing, pacing, structure and overall impact.

Competition Director

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  • Photo of Chris Hutchinson

    Chris Hutchinson 

    Fine Arts Faculty - Photography, Media Team Instructor
    (719) 391-5271
    Bard College - B.A.

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