Arts Guild

The Fountain Valley School Arts Guild was created in 2010 to recognize exemplary artistic careers by our alumni and former faculty. Members of the FVS community can nominate a worthy artist by reading the criteria and filling out an online form.

Make an Arts Guild nomination HERE.

Arts Guild Members

Class of 2018
Christopher Lowell, FVS Fine Arts Faculty
Lang Fisher '98, writer/producer/director

Class of 2017
Erika Luckett '82, musician
Steve Lemme '87, actor and comedian
Mark Dillon, FVS arts faculty

Class of 2016
Michael Collins '56, architect
Gerald Peters '66, curator
Mark Wong '86, ceramicist

Class of 2015
Myra Platt '80, theater 
Bob Weir '65, musician

Class of 2014
Elizabeth Sage Hare, FVS founder
Jeff Brown, FVS arts faculty

Class of 2013
Sam Hall '48, music composer and sound engineer
Ed Sherin '48, stage and screen director/producer
Hunter Frost, FVS arts faculty

Class of 2012
Sam Goldwyn '43, movie producer
Jack Lane '62, art museum director
Todd Reed '92, jewelry maker

Class of 2011
A. Marshall Bell '61, actor
Walter Wilson, artist and FVS arts faculty

Class of 2010

Bruce Gomez '75, painter
David Hare '36, sculptor
Ernest Kitson, FVS founding music faculty
Irene Neuwirth '94, jewelry maker
Boardman Robinson, artist and FVS founding arts faculty
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